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Translation in Employment-Based Visa Application

Those who possess a special skill or ability and are applying for an employment-based visa must be able to provide proof of eligibility. Anyone applying for an EB-3 visa under the category of skilled workers should demonstrate that they hold advanced degrees and possess extensive work experience that makes them unique candidates. Laborers who come from non-English speaking countries rely on certified translations for USCIS to prepare their documents for their visa application. Their application is incomplete if they fail to submit the certified English translations of their degrees and supplementary documents. Likewise, they might experience issues if the translations are not certified.

With their paperwork they must establish that they will be bringing skills and qualifications to the labor force in the United States that American workers lack. This is one criterion that they have to meet in order to qualify for employment-based visa. Furthermore, they will be asked to submit evidence that they have at least 2 years of training or work experience. They could provide a letter from their former employer that illustrates they have over 2 years of experience. Letters that are written in a foreign language have to be translated too. Translators with experience in document translation service can effectively translate letters from your employers to English. Alternatively, they can present pay stubs if they have records for at least 2 years. If you would prefer to submit those as evidence of your work experience you will have to get it translated too.

Translators with experience translating financial documents should be able to assist you with the translation of your pay stubs. In addition to the translation of these documents applicants must be able to produce evidence of a job offer in the United States. The employer can provide evidence for offering an applicant a job. CACFTI assists foreigners who are filling out a visa application. Our certified translation services satisfy the needs of foreigners who are completing an employment-based visa. We can translate all the documents you need to submit with your visa application. We can translate your academic certification so that you can show immigration officials that you possess the educational qualifications they are looking for. In addition, we can translate letters from your employer that demonstrate your training and experience on the job. We encourage you to contact us if you are not sure what to do with your foreign-language documents in the application process.

Translation of Academic Documents for Language Schools

Students from non-English speaking nations who study English in the United States often believe that they can learn the language better because they will be forced to speak it with the local people. Most of these students who apply to language schools in the U.S. seek academic document translation services to show that they have completed high school in their home country. Some language schools only accept international applicants who hold at least a high school diploma. Those who are interested in submitted their application to such institutions should consider contacting an academic translator with experience translating diplomas.

Translators whose area of specialty is education and academia typically are familiar with diplomas and academic transcripts. They can use their in-depth knowledge and experience in the area to translate international students’ documents. Students should focus on finding a well-qualified translator so that they do not have to worry about getting their diploma retranslated. Companies that consistently provide high-quality translations for academic documents are good choices for applicants from foreign countries. They are concerned about your acceptance to the school of your choice as much as you. Therefore, they do their best to translate your documents professionally. A diploma requires a special skill set. Language schools often want to see the official stamps, seals, and signatures of the issuing school’s principals and directors. Translators with experience in diploma translation services are aware that they need to translate the text and insert images and signatures in the translated document. Their translations are clear and accurate.
California Center for Translation & Interpretation is based in LA and serves international applicants who are looking to get their diplomas translated into English. We have translated many documents for students from foreign countries. We understand that studying English in the United States has its advantages. You can immerse in the language and culture, picking up everyday phrases that are spoken around you. We are interested in being part of your language studies in the United States. If you are applying to a language school that has requested the certified translation of your academic records, be sure to contact us for prompt assistance. We have translated many diplomas and transcripts for international students applying to American colleges and universities. Please ask us for more information about our academic document translation services. We can provide a quote and turnaround time if you scan and email us your diploma and other academic documents.

Translating Patents in Los Angeles

Intellectual property lawyers in Los Angeles sometimes work on cases that center around a foreign-language patent. They need to analyze the patent portfolio of their client to figure out how to approach the case. A translation company operating in the same city can often take care of the translation of patents. Firms that specialize in document and website translation usually have experience translating legal text so they can translate patents effectively. Their translators have a solid background in this field and are familiar with vocabulary commonly used in patents. Law firms that have been presented with a foreign-language patent must choose a translation service provider wisely. Translators who provide accurate translations make things simpler on the law firm. The lawyers and their team at the office won’t have to worry about getting the translated documents proofread if they assign the task to a reliable translation company.

Organizations that operate in the translation industry and are dedicated to delivering flawless translations complete quality control procedures before they submit the translation to their client. Therefore, they have already proofread the documents and ensured completeness and accuracy. In most cases the patent’s language is very specific and requires the translator to possess extraordinary language skills to express the same exact meaning as the original document. The translator has to find the right words in the target language because often similar words do not carry the same meaning, distorting the original message. CACFTI serves the residents of Los Angeles as well as other cities worldwide. Documents can be emailed to us from anywhere. We have professional translators who have extensive experience translating legal documents. They are detail-oriented, organized, and reliable. They are ready to translate your documents from a foreign language into English. Many attorneys trust us with the translation of their non-English documents. We can translate patents from various languages including Polish, Italian, Dutch, Farsi, French, Romanian, Portuguese, etc. into English.

Lawyers whose area of practice is intellectual property and copyright can depend on us for their professional translation needs. We can manage the translation of technical documents so if you have a patent for software or other technology products you can come to us with confidence. Knowing that you expect high-quality translations, we select only the best translators in the industry to perform the translation of your documents. We are confident in our ability to deliver translations that exceed your expectations. Please call or email us to learn how you can get started with the translation of your patents. We look forward to assisting you!

Translation of Divorce Decrees for Courts in California

Those who have finalized their divorce in a non-English speaking country will be carrying a divorce decree that is in a foreign language. After moving to the United States they might need to have it translated into English. If a spouse refuses to live up to the terms of the divorce decree the other spouse can seek the assistance of courts. In such cases foreigners will have to seek court-certified translation services before they can present their divorce certificate in a family court. The legal system in the United States can try to help such individuals if they can provide the English translation. However, they often ask for a certified translation. Since they heavily rely on these foreign-language documents to make a ruling, courts need to be certain about the quality of the translations.

They assess quality by requiring translators to pass certain exams designed to gauge to abilities of the applicants. Those who possess strong language skills are allowed to translate documents for courts. Immigrants who are not getting alimony or child support from their spouse can take their spouse to court and use their divorce decree to demonstrate that the defendant is breaching the contract. The document cannot be submitted in the original language. Rather, it must be translated into English by a translator who has been approved to translate for courts. CACFTI brings a lot of experience and knowledge to its work. When you need to use a document in a court you will need to let us know so that we have the proper translator take care of your document. In addition, we will attach a copy of the original to the translation along with the court-certified or registered translator’s certification.

Our goal is to offer top-quality translations that you can take with you to court. We are constantly trying to improve our translation services and customer care. We focus on serving you better when you request our legal document translations. When you place an order for a court-certified translation you can be sure that we do our best to exceed your expectations. Whether you are trying to get a divorce decree translated into English for a court in Los Angeles or a prenuptial agreement for courts in San Francisco makes no difference. We can accommodate your needs. Please get in touch with us to find out how you can get a court-certified translation. You will discover that getting a certified translation for court is simple when you come to us.

Do I Need a Certified and Notarized Translation for USCIS?

Every year the immigration body in the United States receives a number of applications from immigrants and the families of foreigners who intend to move to the U.S. Some applications must be sent in with the translation of foreign-language documents. Individuals who are preparing their application often ask us whether they will need to get a certified and notarized translation. A few years ago certified translations for USCIS had to be notarized. However, recently the rules have changed and for immigration purposes applicants are no longer required to submit a notarized translation.

The non-English language documents have to be translated by a professional translator and be accompanied by his/her certification. A typical example of a document that has to be translated for an immigration application is a birth certificate. For immigration matters the identity of the translator does not have to be verified by a notary public whether it is a birth certificate or a divorce decree that you are presenting. A professional translator or a translation company can sign a declaration attesting to their fluency in the source and English languages. CACFTI keeps up with updates to immigration policies. We are aware that immigration authorities no longer request notarized translations. As a result, we prepare certified translations for those who want the translated documents for a visa application. Nevertheless, we can notarize translations upon request. If you have been asked to provide the certified and notarized translation of your foreign-language documents, please let us know. We will be happy to provide both services.

Many individuals contact us about our professional translations for immigration purposes. We always explain that they only need a certified translation. However, additional services are available for a fee. We aim to provide prompt service so that you can submit your application on time. We can translate your documents quickly without losing accuracy. Our translators are meticulous and translate documents with keen attention to detail. They examine the text in the source language and choose the best words in English to express the meaning of the original document. We understand that experienced translators with advanced language skills can often deliver better translations than those who have just started working in the industry. You can contact us with questions about our certified document translation services. Speak with a representative about certified translations for USCIS and get a quote promptly. All documents can be sent to us electronically. We will need to know the purpose of the translation to attach the proper certification.