Korean to English translation Services

Translation of birth certificates from Korean to English

Various organizations including USCIS, employers, educational institutions, and courts might need individuals’ birth certificate. If you were born in South Korea and need to have your Korean language birth certificate or record or family booklet to be translated into English for a potential employer, immigration application, or school please contact us. You can email your documents to info@cacfti.com. Our translators who are detail oriented and have rich experience in the translation of vital records would love to have the opportunity to assist you. Please provide the spellings of the names so that we can make sure the spellings of names in the translation are consistent with your other legal documents.

Certified translation of Korean documents for USCIS

We can translate various types of documents from Korean to English for USCIS. If you need a birth certificate, marriage certificate, or divorce decree to be translated from Korean to English for an immigration application, please get in touch with us. We have translated many documents for immigration lawyers and others who intended to submit their translations to USCIS. Our translations are completed by professional translators who have extensive experience in the translation of Korean documents into English. Please let us know that the English translation is for USCIS so that we provide the proper certification.

Professional translation of manuals from Korean to English

Korean organizations that intend to distribute their manuals to employees in the United States often get the documents translated into English. They want to make sure that their employees in international offices clearly understand the content of the manual. Many companies that are based in South Korea get their official documents translated into English for their employees or lawyers who do not speak Korean. We can translate your manuals, handbooks, and safety guides from Korean to English. We can translate technical manuals from technology companies as well as user’s guides for companies that manufacture medical devices. We can also translate student and parent handbooks for schools. Please get in touch with us if you need Korean to English translations for a manual.

Translation of academic documents from Korean to English

We can translate academic documents and records from Korean to English. Students who have taken courses in Korea and intend to transfer their credits to a school in the United States often need to have their transcripts translated into English. We can translate your syllabus, school transcripts, certificates, and research papers from Korean to English. We can also translate degrees for individuals who have completed a program and intend to present their degrees or certificates to an employer or an educational institution. Our translators who possess advanced skills in the area of academic translations can assist you with the translation of your Korean language documents. Whether you attended a technical school, medical school, law school, or a high school in Korea makes no difference! We can translate your school related documents from Korean to English.

Translation of medical records from Korea

Our translators who specialize in the translation of medical documents from Korean to English can assist you with the translation of your medical records, hospital bills, lab results, and medical degrees. If you intend to travel to the United States from Korea to undergo surgery or receive other medical procedures and your physician has asked for the translation of your documents, please get in touch with us. We can also translate your degrees and transcripts from medical schools so that you can submit them to your employer. The translation of medical terminology is a specialized task and requires advanced knowledge of the medical field. Our translators who are familiar with medical language can assist you.

Korean to English translations by CACFTI

California Center for Translation & Interpretation can provide Korean to English translation services for various types of documents including vital records, legal documents, medical records, and academic transcripts. We can translate contracts and agreements from Korean to English. Global law firms that receive documents from their office in Korea can rely on our Korean to English translation services to remove language barriers. Likewise, if you have completed a course or a program in Korea and intend to submit your transcript or degree to an employer in the United States, please get in touch with us. We can translate your academic documents as well as letter of recommendation from Korean to English. We look forward to assisting you with your Korean to English translation needs.