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Translation of HR Manuals and Handbooks

Translation of HR manuals and handbooks from English to Spanish

A lot of organizations in the United States especially the ones in large cities like Los Angeles and Miami get their HR manuals, handbooks, applications, forms, etc translated into Spanish because they deal with a diverse workforce including Spanish speakers. They want to make sure that employees clearly understand their policies including at-will employment, timekeeping procedures, standards of conduct, etc.We can translate your HR related documents from English to Spanish for your Spanish speaking audience. Our translators who specialize in HR translations are ready to help you reach your Spanish speaking applicants and employees. Please email us your documents for a quote.

Translation of HR documents from English to French

Many organizations throughout the United States hire French speakers to perform various tasks. They might hire French speakers locally or hire remote workers in French speaking countries. They often provide their HR documents along with their French translations to the French speakers to make sure they understand the content before signing the paperwork. We can translate HR manuals and handbooks from Engish to French for non-profit organizations, law offices, businesses, universities, and medical facilities. We strive to provide accurate and high quality English to French translation services for your human resources materials. Please get in touch with us if you need to get your HR documents translated from English to French.

Certified and professional translation of HR documents

We can professionally translate HR documents so you can reach your non-English speaking candidates and employees. Many businesses around the United States provide translations of their HR documents to new and existing employees to make sure they understand all the content and protect themselves legally in disputes. If you need to have a certified translation of your documents for court use in case the need arises in the future, please let us know when you share the files. We can translate documents for the human resources department of companies and employment lawyers. We have extensive experience providing certified translations for HR documents.

Translation of human resources materials from foreign languages to English

We can translate business documents including human resources materials from foreign languages to English. If you work for a foreign company that intends to operate in the United States or hire English speakers and you need to have certain documents translated into English, please get in touch with us. We can translate your documents so the English speaking candidates and new employees can review them in their native language. The translation of HR documents from foreign languages to English requires specialized knowledge of human resources. Our translators are familiar with the field of human resources and have extensive experience translating HR documents into English. They strive to provide translations that exceed your expectations.

Updates to handbooks and their translations

Many HR professionals who are working on documents to distribute to candidates and employees usually wonder how they need to go about making changes to the text to reflect changes in their policies and legal regulations that affect their operations. We have handled similar requests for other clients. We will be happy to assist you if you have made changes to your HR documents. Please email us the marked up files, if available, and the translations you had based on the original file and we will be happy to update the translation.

Translation of HR documents by CACFTI

California Center for Translation & Interpretation has translated many instruction manuals, procedures, safety guidelines, and employee handbooks for various organizations. HR documents are very important in the hiring and terminating process. They can also be used in lawsuits. Therefore, it is critical for translators to make sure their work is free of errors and all the text has been translated. We can translate HR documents from English to foreign languages and vice versa. Please get in touch with us regarding our translation services for HR related material. We look forward to assisting you!

Spanish Translation Services: Medical Documents

Medical device manufacturers that produce products for global markets often provide manuals in multiple languages. When consumers in an English speaking country try to use a medical device or equipment they might refer to the English language manual or guide that comes with it. Likewise, consumers in Spanish speaking countries might need to review the medical device manual in their native language to safely use the products.

Translation of medical device manuals

Our translators who specialize in the translation of medical device manuals are ready to assist you with the translation of your user guides and manuals. With extensive experience in the field of medical translation, we are equipped with the knowledge and skill required to deliver high quality translations for your manuals. Our Spanish translators can translate your medical device manuals for the Spanish speaking markets.

Translation of medical reports, lab results, and patient consent forms

We can translate medical documents such as reports, lab results, and patient consent forms from English to Spanish and vice versa. Our translators who possess advanced knowledge of medical terminology can assist you with the translation of your medical records and documents. We can translate your medical documents so that you can communicate clearly with your Spanish speaking audience. If you work for a medical facility, doctor’s office, or hospital and you need to have a patient consent form translated, please get in touch with us. We can also translate documents for medical tourists. If you intend to travel to a Spanish speaking country to receive medical care and you have been asked to present your medical records plus their Spanish translations, please get in touch with us.

Translation of medical bills for court

We can translate medical bills and records for court use. Please get in touch with us if you need to have a medical bill or statement to be translated from or into Spanish. Our translators who have extensive experience in the translation of similar documents would love to have the opportunity to assist you. If you intend to submit the translation to a court, please inform us when you send us the material. We can also translate your bills and invoices for insurance and other purposes. Please email your documents to for a quote.

Translation of vaccination records

We can translate vaccination or immunization records from Spanish to English for various purposes. If you need such documents to be translated for USCIS, an employer, or a university please get in touch with us. We can also translate vaccination certificates from English to Spanish. If you are traveling or moving abroad and you need to get an immunization record to be translated from English to Spanish, please get in touch with us. You might need a certified translation of your vaccination records to enroll in an educational institution in a Spanish speaking country or you might need it to apply for jobs.

Translation of medical degrees and transcripts

California Center for Translation & Interpretation can translate medical certificates and transcripts issued by medical schools from Spanish to English. If you obtained a degree from a school of medicine in a Spanish speaking country and need to have your documents translated into English, please get in touch with us. We can also translate your medical degrees and school records from English to Spanish. If you have studied medicine in the United States and intend to move to a Spanish speaking country and need to have the Spanish translation of your documents, please contact us. We can also translate your diplomas, awards, letters of recommendation, transcripts from and into Spanish.

Translation of letters from doctors, drug labels, and medical questionnaires

If you need a translation of a letter from a doctor for the passport application process, please contact us. We have translated many doctors’ notes and letters from Spanish to English for passport application purposes. We can also translate drug labels and prescriptions from and into Spanish. If you work in a medical office and you need to your questionnaires to be translated for your Spanish speaking patients, please get in touch with us. We can translate such documents for plastic surgeons, dental offices, research institutions, and other healthcare facilities.

Employee Handbook & Manual Translation

Human resources professionals such as directors of human resources and human resources coordinators in the United States often draft employee handbooks in the English language that they later get translated into foreign languages. The main purpose of translating these documents into other languages is to make the information accessible to employees who do not understand English or feel more comfortable reviewing important information in their native language. Employee manuals usually contain sections about compensation, accident reports, employee relations, employee status, dress code, hours of work, and safety.

Due to their legal nature, employee handbooks and manuals require the attention of highly-specialized legal translators. Such documents typically contain useful information about state and federal laws and specify the rights of the employees. Therefore, the translator has to be familiar with terminology related to labor laws to deliver an accurate translation of the text.

Human resources departments of companies in the United States are commonly responsible for preparing and distributing corporate policies and making sure all employees understand the content. They translate their handbooks and other HR related documents to foreign languages to make sure all team members understand the applicable laws, the company’s guidelines, and the employer’s expectations.

Translation of employee handbooks into Spanish

: we can translate employee manuals from English into European or Latin American Spanish. If your employees speak Spanish as their native language and would like to provide your corporate policies to them in Spanish you can contact us for assistance. We have translated dozens of documents from English to Spanish and vice versa. We are confident that your Spanish-speaking employees will be satisfied with our Spanish translations.

Translation of employee handbooks into Polish

: if you have a regional office in Poland or need to translate HR related material for your Polish-speaking employees in the United States, please get in touch with us. We can translate safety guidelines, notices, applications, and many other types of documents from English to Polish. Our Polish translators have extensive experience in the translation of documents for law offices and the human resources departments of global companies.

Translation of employee handbooks into Portuguese

: translating a document such as an employee manual from English to Portuguese requires the skill and expertise of a professional translator. Our Portuguese translators carefully review the information you have prepared and translate it to the target language. They recognize the importance of clear and culturally appropriate translations when they work on your documents. We can translate your documents into European or Brazilian Portuguese.

Translation of employee handbooks into French

: Our French translators are very detail-oriented and competent. They can translate your manuals accurately so that you can distribute them to your French-speaking employees with confidence. We hope that you consider our French translation services if you are planning to translate any document into French. Our translators who possess advanced knowledge of vocabulary related to employment law and human resources are ready to assist you.

Translation of employee handbooks into Chinese

: Our Chinese translators are proficient in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese. We will be happy to translate your employee manuals to Chinese so that you can present the documents to your Chinese-speaking employees. If you have Chinese employees who prefer to read your policies in their native language, please feel free to contact us. We provide high-quality translation services for Chinese and many other languages.

Certified translation of HR documents

: once they have prepared their literature, human resources professionals have to decide whether they need a certified or non-certified translation of the documents. If they believe that they might need to use the translations in court at some point in the future, then they need to get a certified translation completed by a court approved translator. If the employees try to file a lawsuit against the company in regards to their benefits during family leave or termination as a result of failing to fulfill the employer’s standards of conduct, the company will need to present a copy of its policies and standards in court. It will also need to submit the translation that the employees reviewed and signed to prove that the non-English speaking employees understood the terms and conditions. Otherwise, the employees can claim that they were not aware of the policies due to language barriers. However, if the company does not expect the documents to be used in court then it can get a non-certified translation.

If you work in the human resources of a company or you are a lawyer who specializes in employment law and you need your manuals, code of safety practices, and handbooks translated from English to foreign languages, please contact us. We have extensive experience translating various types of documents including content related to human resources from English to foreign languages. We have also translated human resources documents for universities, colleges, and high schools. Our translators who have translated many employee handbooks are ready to execute the translation of the documents you need for your human resources department. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us regarding our professional translation services. You can send your documents to for a quote.

Translation of Medical Device User’s Manuals

Why Get a Medical Device User’s Manual Translated?

Medical device distributors in Los Angeles and many other parts of the country that provide products to hospitals all over the world often rely on translation companies to get various types of documents translated into foreign languages. They do not usually specialize in document translation or have bilingual professionals in-house and therefore required the assistance of a third party that can translate their documents for international buyers.

They typically need to remove language barriers and communicate their concepts in local languages in their attempts to penetrate into non-English speaking markets. They usually have to get their medical device user’s manuals translated for customers abroad because the buyers are unfamiliar with the product this distributor is providing. They might have used similar products, but if the manufacturer produced a unique device then they might struggle a bit with the technology.

Companies that introduce a new technology to international markets cannot simply assume that the users know how to operate the device. They should try to create a user-friendly experience for the buyers. Even if they have already distributed a similar medical device to the same market, they have to make sure that the users can properly use the new device.

Who Can Translate Medical Device User’s Manuals?

Translators who possess excellent skills in medical translations often can perform the translation of medical device user’s manuals. They have the expertise required to carry out a professional translation of your medical documents. Such documents are particularly important when it comes to introducing new technology to a market. The buyers are unfamiliar with the item you are trying to sell and might misuse, mishandle, or use it for the wrong purpose. Consequently, they might return the product or seek compensation for the damages it caused. To avoid confusion medical device distributors might seek the assistance of professional translators who have extensive experience in the area of medical translation. If you are expanding into international markets and need a medical translator to help you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Translation of Medical Documents by CACFTI

We are pleased to discuss your translation needs. If you are a medical device distributor that is looking to expand overseas, please get in touch with us about our translation services. We are excited about your plans to reach customers abroad and would love to serve as your trusted vendor for translation services. We understand that language barriers impose difficulties in international transactions. We do everything we can to get you the best translations. You can email us your medical device user’s manuals plus all the other documents you need to complete an international transaction. We are confident that we can deliver top-quality translations for your medical documents. As a translation company in Los Angeles, we have served many entities that were trying to establish a presence in a foreign country. We look forward to helping you break language barriers too.

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Translating Instruction Manuals in Los Angeles

Companies that sell furniture in Los Angeles sometime leave the assembly of their products to the customer. They want to save space in their inventory, and they figure that putting together the pieces is very simple for the buyer. In such a diverse city a percentage of buyers do not understand English such that it is to the best interest of the seller to collaborate with a translation company in Los Angeles. Buying a dining table, for example, might cause problems for buyers who do not speak English. They would have a hard time trying to figure out how to assemble the furniture without reading the instructions. They might even return the item to the store, ask for a refund, and purchase an assembled version from a competitor. Translating the instruction manual into the native language of your customers who do not speak English might help customers assemble the furniture more quickly.

Some companies that sell furniture make their assembly instructions available on their website as well. Once they have translated the content they can also post the translations on their website for their customer base. In any industry the effective communication of sellers with customers is critical might make the difference between making a sale or not. Firms that want to maximize their chance of success with non-English speakers might want to consider translating the documents that their customers need. Translators who are very meticulous and experienced in the area of document translation can provide the services companies in Los Angeles need to make their instruction manuals available to a diverse customer base. At our organization we believe that no entity should lose clients due to language barriers. We have a dedicated team of translators who can translate assembly instructions for companies in Los Angeles.

Translation services for such documents are very important because customers cannot use the product if they cannot understand the translation. Our translators always try to deliver translations that are as clear and smooth as the original document. For instruction manuals they insert images and diagrams where they appear on the source document. Their goal is to provide high-quality translations that will help you succeed in making a sale to a non-English speaking customer. If you would like to have the assistance of a Los Angeles translation company to help you communicate with your customers, please get in touch with us. We can translate assembly instructions and other documents from English into any major language.