Translation of HR Manuals and Handbooks

Translation of HR manuals and handbooks from English to Spanish

A lot of organizations in the United States especially the ones in large cities like Los Angeles and Miami get their HR manuals, handbooks, applications, forms, etc translated into Spanish because they deal with a diverse workforce including Spanish speakers. They want to make sure that employees clearly understand their policies including at-will employment, timekeeping procedures, standards of conduct, etc.We can translate your HR related documents from English to Spanish for your Spanish speaking audience. Our translators who specialize in HR translations are ready to help you reach your Spanish speaking applicants and employees. Please email us your documents for a quote.

Translation of HR documents from English to French

Many organizations throughout the United States hire French speakers to perform various tasks. They might hire French speakers locally or hire remote workers in French speaking countries. They often provide their HR documents along with their French translations to the French speakers to make sure they understand the content before signing the paperwork. We can translate HR manuals and handbooks from Engish to French for non-profit organizations, law offices, businesses, universities, and medical facilities. We strive to provide accurate and high quality English to French translation services for your human resources materials. Please get in touch with us if you need to get your HR documents translated from English to French.

Certified and professional translation of HR documents

We can professionally translate HR documents so you can reach your non-English speaking candidates and employees. Many businesses around the United States provide translations of their HR documents to new and existing employees to make sure they understand all the content and protect themselves legally in disputes. If you need to have a certified translation of your documents for court use in case the need arises in the future, please let us know when you share the files. We can translate documents for the human resources department of companies and employment lawyers. We have extensive experience providing certified translations for HR documents.

Translation of human resources materials from foreign languages to English

We can translate business documents including human resources materials from foreign languages to English. If you work for a foreign company that intends to operate in the United States or hire English speakers and you need to have certain documents translated into English, please get in touch with us. We can translate your documents so the English speaking candidates and new employees can review them in their native language. The translation of HR documents from foreign languages to English requires specialized knowledge of human resources. Our translators are familiar with the field of human resources and have extensive experience translating HR documents into English. They strive to provide translations that exceed your expectations.

Updates to handbooks and their translations

Many HR professionals who are working on documents to distribute to candidates and employees usually wonder how they need to go about making changes to the text to reflect changes in their policies and legal regulations that affect their operations. We have handled similar requests for other clients. We will be happy to assist you if you have made changes to your HR documents. Please email us the marked up files, if available, and the translations you had based on the original file and we will be happy to update the translation.

Translation of HR documents by CACFTI

California Center for Translation & Interpretation has translated many instruction manuals, procedures, safety guidelines, and employee handbooks for various organizations. HR documents are very important in the hiring and terminating process. They can also be used in lawsuits. Therefore, it is critical for translators to make sure their work is free of errors and all the text has been translated. We can translate HR documents from English to foreign languages and vice versa. Please get in touch with us regarding our translation services for HR related material. We look forward to assisting you!