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Translation of leases, rental agreements, and notices

Clear communication across cultures is very important in the real estate industry. Foreign investors that purchase property in the United States might need their paperwork translated so they can better understand the terms and conditions of the agreements. Likewise, immigrants that rent or buy properties need to understand the local law and the conditions in the contract they sign. With extensive experience in the field of legal document translation, we are equipped with the skills required to translate your leases, rental agreements, and notices from and into English. Whether you are a property management company, a landlord, investor, or real estate lawyer we can help you with your translation needs. Real estate is a very specialized field, and translators who translate documents pertaining to real estate transactions have to be familiar with the industry specific terminology. Our translators can translate documents pertaining to real estate and can effectively translate from the source language to the target language.

Translation of legal documents from Spanish to English

Courts in Spanish speaking countries issue orders, judgments, and notices that can often be used in the United States. For instance, family courts in the United States that need proof of a divorce or child adoption usually accept documents issued by foreign courts. If the document is issued in Spanish, the US court might ask for a certified English translation. Our Spanish to English translators who specialize in legal documents can assist you with the translation of various types of documents including child adoption agreements. Do you have a legal notice, contract, declaration, decree, deed, or power of attorney that needs to be translated from Spanish to English? Get in touch with us! We have translated a lot of documents from Spanish to English for individuals, law offices, and the legal department of various organizations.

Translation of legal documents from English to Spanish

Many Americans who intend to move to Spanish speaking countries need to have their legal documents translated from English to Spanish. Likewise, organizations that intend to expand their operations to Latin America and/or Spain commonly need to have their legal documents translated into Spanish. We can translate your legal documents from English to Spanish. We have vast experience translating many legal documents including business contracts, rental agreements, bills of sale, and memos from English to Spanish. We can also translate patents, judgments, child adoption agreements, and summons from English to Spanish. Please email us your legal documents and let us know that the target language is Spanish so we can provide a quote for that service.

Certified translation of legal documents

Do you need a certified translation for a legal document? Please contact us. We provide certified translations for legal documents and forms. If you intend to use the translation in a court, please mention that when you send us the material. We can translate legal documents from foreign languages into English and vice versa. If the recipient has special requirements, please send us their exact requirements. We have provided legal document translation services to both small and large law firms. We can translate legal text pertaining to various areas of law including real estate, business, intellectual property, and immigration.

Professional translation of legal documents by CACFTI

California Center for Translation & Interpretation offers professional translation services for legal documents. You might need a professional translation for a legal case, employer, immigration application, etc. We have experience providing professional translation for many purposes. Our professional translators who specialize in legal document translation are ready to assist you. If you are applying to a law school in the United States and need to have your documents translated for admissions, please contact us. Please email your legal documents to for a quote. We do our best to translate your legal documents accurately. We have translated a lot of documents for court use and other legal uses. We look forward to assisting you with your legal translation needs too.