Academic Translation: Certified Spanish to English Translations

Translation of high school transcripts and diplomas from Spanish

Individuals who have moved from a Spanish speaking country to the United States and need to have their high school diplomas and transcripts translated into English can contact us regarding our Spanish to English translation services. We have translated a lot of documents issued in Spanish speaking countries for educational institutions in the United States. Likewise, we can translate your high school transcripts and degree from Spanish to English for your employer. You might need proof that you hold a high school diploma for a job or college application. Trade schools or other programs might also require a high school diploma and need your Spanish diploma plus its certified translation. With extensive experience in the translation of high school diplomas and academic transcripts, we are ready to assist you with your needs.

Certified translation of university transcripts and degrees from Spanish

We can translate Spanish language transcripts and degrees from universities for students who intend to study in the United States. If you attended a university in a Spanish speaking country and are planning to transfer to a university or a graduate school in the United States you can get in touch with us regarding our academic translation services. Many universities and graduate programs in the United States require the certified translation of Spanish language transcripts and certificates. We have translated many transcripts and degrees from universities in Spanish speaking countries. We can also translate such documents for graduate schools and vocational programs. Please email your documents to for a quote.

Translation of records issued by vocational and graduate schools in Latin America

We can translate academic records from vocational schools and graduate programs in Latin America and Spain. Individuals who have obtained a degree from a vocational or professional school in Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Chile, or other Spanish speaking countries and need to have their academic records translated into English can get in touch with us. We can translate your school records from Latin American Spanish and European Spanish to English for your employer or another educational institution. Our translators who possess extensive experience in the translation of academic records and dissertations can translate your documents from Spanish to English.

Spanish to English translation of supplemental documents for academic admissions

The admissions office of educational institutions in the United States often require international candidates to submit financial statements and letters of recommendation as well as their certified English translations. Such supplementary documents along with transcripts and degrees are often important in the admissions process. International applicants who hold school documents from a Spanish speaking country can render our Spanish to English translation services. With extensive experience in the field of academic document translation, we can translate your bank statements, reference letters, and other supplementary documents for the admissions process. Please let us know if you need currencies to be converted.

Do I need a certified translation for my academic documents from Latin America?

You need a certified translation of your Spanish-language documents if you intend to submit the translations to a recipient that requires a certified English translation. Many community colleges, universities, evaluation companies, and graduate schools require the certified translation of foreign language transcripts and certificates. In some cases recipients only need a translation and they do not require certification. If they do not require a certified translation, you can submit a non-certified translation. Some educational institutions might have their own translators and accept Spanish-language documents. Please check with the recipient to find out what their exact requirements are.

Academic document translation by CACFTI

California Center for Translation & Interpretation has translated many academic documents from Spanish to English for educational institutions and employers in the United States. We can also translate your school documents for USCIS. Please email your academic documents into for a quote. We can translate transcripts and degrees from high schools, middle schools, vocational schools, graduate schools, and colleges from various Spanish speaking countries. We have extensive experience translating documents from Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Spain, and Guatemala. We look forward to having the opportunity to translate your academic documents from or into Spanish. Please let us know if your recipient requires us to send them the translations directly.