Court-Certified Translation Services

If you are planning to present a foreign-language document to a court in the State of California, you can contact us regarding our court-certified translation services. The translation of foreign-language documents that are submitted to courts must be prepared by a court approved translator. Translations that are completed by translators who have not been approved by courts are usually rejected. For example, a lawyer who wants to submit a foreign-language document to the Los Angeles Superior Court should seek the assistance of a translation company that offers court-certified translation and interpretation services. California Center for Translation & Interpretation can translate documents for any court in the state. Our court-certified translators have passed the required exams and are in good standing with the Judicial Council. They are ready to handle the translation of the foreign-language documents that you need to present in a court. Our court-certified translations bear our official stamp and are accompanied by the translator’s declaration. Please scan and email us all the documents that you would like us to translate into English. We will do our best to accurately translate your documents from the sources language into English. We aim to provide impeccable translations. We will also try to format the translated document to mirror the original.

Court-Certified Translation

Certified Translations for Courts in California

Attorneys as well as other parties who are seeking court-certified translations are encouraged to get in touch with us. We can translate legal documents that you will be submitting to any court in California. Our translators who are fully dedicated to delivering top-quality translations have extensive experience translating legal documents. We will need to know that you will be using the translations in a court in order to assign the project to a court-certified translator and attach the right certification to the translated documents. Please be sure to mention the purpose of the translation when you contact us. Clients who live in cities outside of Los Angeles can still take advantage of our court-certified translation services. If you cannot pick up the translations from our office, we will mail you the hard copy. We also offer interpretation services for depositions, trials, arbitrations, hearings, mediations, and attorney-client interviews. If you are a non-English speaker or you are representing a non-English speaking individual who is scheduled to appear in a court, please ask us about our in-person interpretation services. We offer both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services for all the major world languages. Our court-certified and registered interpreters possess strong language skills and are familiar with legal terminology. They are very comfortable translating from and into English. Please email us the details of your project for a quote.