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California Center for Translation & Interpretation is a translation company in Los Angeles that aims to simplify communications across cultures. We will help you communicate effectively with your intended audience. Our translators are true professionals who thoroughly analyze the text in the source language and choose the best words in the target language to make sure your messages are delivered clearly. We provide document translation services in French, Persian, Dutch, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Polish, German, Arabic, and many other languages. For more information about the language we support please contact us. CACFTI is a professional translation services company in Los Angeles that has extensive experience with the translation of various types of documents. Our detail-oriented translators, proofreaders, editors assure utmost quality for every project that we manage.

Certified Translation Services Los Angeles

CACFTI provides high-quality legal, technical, academic, and medical translation services. We can serve the translation needs of the local Los Angeles community as well as the international market. Our Los Angeles translation company is here to assist anyone who needs to have a document translated. Lawyers who practice in Los Angeles or any other city can take advantage of our certified document translation services. We provide certified English translations for foreign-language documents. We can also translate English-language documents to foreign languages and certify the translated documents. We have translated many documents in various fields of specialization and are ready to handle your assignments. If you are looking for the official translation of a document, we would love to hear from you. Please let us know whether the certified translation will be submitted to USCIS, an academic institution, a hospital, or a court in Los Angeles.

Certified Translation Services Los Angeles

Los Angeles Document Translation Services Company

If you are looking for a professional Los Angeles translation company with experienced linguists, you have landed on the right page. We can assist you with your translation and interpretation needs. Our interpreters can help you remove language barriers in conventions, courts, interviews, or meetings in Los Angeles. Please let us know whether you will need consecutive or simultaneous interpreters. We will book you the best translators so that you can easily overcome language barriers. Our translators are experts in the field of document translation services. They can translate documents in numerous areas. They know how to communicate effectively in both the source and target languages. Whether you want a school transcript, a medical report, a marriage license, or a birth certificate translated we have your needs covered. Please speak with a representative for more information.

Translation Services in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a vibrant city in Southern California. Every year it attracts millions of visitors who are excited to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood Sign and experience shopping on Rodeo Drive or other outdoor malls. Los Angeles is also home to a large population of immigrants. Immigrants who have limited knowledge of English often rely on translators to communicate with the English-speaking community. For example, non-English speakers who are scheduled to appear in courts as witnesses are usually accompanied by court interpreters. Likewise, immigrants who plan to continue their education in Los Angeles are usually asked to submit the certified translation of the degrees they earned in their home country. Furthermore, immigrants who seek medical attention in hospitals communicate with the English-speaking staff through a translator. We have tailored our document translation and interpretation services to meet the needs of immigrants in Los Angeles as well as other individuals who wish to communicate with a foreign party. We are a reliable translation company in Los Angeles. Please contact us for a quote.