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Law firms in Los Angeles that handle commercial litigation cases often assist parties who have been accused of breaching a contract. Such lawsuits commonly arise in joint ventures when one party alleges that the other party has not lived up to the terms of the agreement. Joint ventures between an American entity and a foreign one always require clear communications. This point is of particular importance when disputes are taken to court. Lawyers need to submit a copy of the contract and its certified translation to the court.

How Are Translations Certified for Courts?
Translators who are approved by courts to translate foreign language documents translate the material in question and attach their signed certification. Companies that offer court-certified translations usually also provide their own certification and stamp all the pages. Courts in many parts of the United States require the translator to use a special wording on their declaration. We have translated many documents for federal and state courts. We would be pleased to have the opportunity to work on your documents as well.

Translation of Contracts and other Legal Documents
The translation of a contract is an integral part of a lawsuit regarding breach of contract. While a decent translation delivers the message of the agreement, an excellent translation conveys the exact intention of the parties that drafted the contract. Translators with deep knowledge of legal terminology are familiar with the language of contracts and can translate the terms spelled out in the document properly. Legal translators at California Center for Translation & Interpretation recognize the importance of quality translations in the courtroom. Litigations due to breach of contract are already stressful. Translators who have taken part in such cases often do their best to minimize language barriers so that all the parties involved can use the translations to strengthen their position. They spend a lot of time polishing their translations to make sure they got everything accurately. Our translators rely on their rich experience in the legal field to deliver top-quality translations for your agreements and other legal documents.

Getting a Court-Certified Translation at CACFTI
CACFTI has effectively handled the translation of legal documents for law firms and the legal department of companies that intended to use the translations in a court. Many of our translations have been submitted to Los Angeles Superior court. We have extensive experience in the translation of contracts and other types of documents. Our clients include law firms and other professionals in the legal industry. If you represent a law office, and you have a client who has come to you with a foreign-language document please get in touch with us. We understand that you might not know which pages you need to have translated right away. You can send us everything you have got and let us know which parts you might need translated so that we can provide an estimate.

We can translate documents from various languages into English. Please let us know if we can help you with your court-certified translation needs. Whether you are going to take the translations to a court in Los Angeles or another county we can help! We provide certified translations for courts and any other organization that requires a certified translation. Please send your documents to info@cacfti.com for prompt assistance.

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