Translation of Financial Statements for LA Courts

Not all documents that are presented in Los Angeles courts are legal in nature. Sometimes other types of documents such as bank statements are used in lawsuits. When financial documents are in a language other than English parties involved seek certified translations for courts. Plaintiffs usually select the parts of the document to use in court. Financial statements can be lengthy but not all the text is always relevant to the lawsuit. In some cases lawyers who are handling the case do not speak a second language and hence get everything translated so that they can figure out what part is relevant.

Let us assume that you are planning to submit to a court in Los Angeles a bank statement from Mexico translated from Spanish to English as a part of your evidence for a case. This Spanish-language document would have to be court certified before you can submit it to the courts. A statement coming from a financial institution is not filled with legal terminology. It is not a contract or bylaws of an entity. Nevertheless, it can be presented in a court if the amount of a transfer or total balance is in question.

Translators who handle the translation of court documents must be accurate and provide high-quality translations. If they are translating financial documents they must type in the correct numbers. Failure to translate every part correctly can have grave consequences. Bank statements are often filled with words and numbers. Therefore, they require the attention of translators who are good at translating words and punching in numbers.

We at CACFTI provide certified translations that you can take to court. We have translated many documents for the Los Angeles Superior Court. Our translators who are approved to execute the translation of documents for courts are ready to assist you. They are very detail-oriented and always double check their work to ensure consistency and accuracy. When we receive a financial statement in Spanish or any other foreign language for a client who will be taking the translations to court, we do our best to select a translator whose background and skills are closely related to the financial field.

Our Spanish translators, for instance, have seen many bank statements and translated financial documents and can handle the translation of your financial documents. We usually do not convert currencies from pesos to U.S. dollars because currency exchange rates might vary from day to day so the exchange rate on the date on which the documents were prepared could be different from that on the date the translations were prepared. However, if you want us to use the exchange rate of a specific day, please let us know. We can translate statements issued by banks in any Spanish-speaking country such as Peru, Guatemala, Spain, Chile, and Argentina. Please reach out to us and ask about our court-certified translation services for your foreign-language documents. We have translated several documents for courts and can get you certified translations for courts. Send the documents you have in mind to to get a quote, and please let us know by when you will need to have the translations.

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