USCIS Certified Translation for French Birth Certificates

Many individuals who move to Los Angeles from French-speaking parts of the world seek translation services for their birth certificates. Some of these people are working on an immigration application for a family member. They come across the website of USCIS that says foreign-language documents must be attached to their certified translations. Some people hear this requirement from their immigration lawyer. Either way since they would like to get their birth certificate translated, they contact a company that provides certified translations for USCIS.

The Process at CACFTI
Getting an official translation for immigration purposes does not have to be stressful and complicated. The quickest way for us to get you started is through email. You can email us your French-language birth certificates and other documents for fast response. You will also need to let us know that the translations will be used for USCIS so that we can certify the translations. We will send you information about how you can make your payment. Once you have made your payment, the translation process will begin. We will reach out to you when the translations are ready.

Why CACFTI for your Personal Documents
Our establishment has assisted many immigrants who were born in French-speaking territories with their translation needs. A lot of our clients come back to us for the translation of additional documents because we met their expectations. We know the guidelines of USCIS and can help you get your French-language documents translated into English for your application. Our French translators are fluent in French and English. They have superb translation skills and respect deadlines. We deliver your translations as soon as possible and we keep your personal information confidential.

To get a document translated into English for a visa application all you have to do is determine how many birth certificates you have. Then you can scan and email us all the pages and let us know by when you will need the translations. Some individuals come to us with last minute requests for certified translations. While we will consider providing the same day service we cannot always guarantee that we are available to offer such quick turnarounds. Therefore, we suggest that you reach out to us as soon as you learn that you need a certified document translation. Once we have received the documents we will reply with information. When we finish the translation we usually allow our clients to see the files before we prepare the finalized copy. We need to have the correct mailing address to send you the translations.

CACFTI has translated countless number of birth certificates for immigration cases. We have completed the translation of personal documents from various languages into English. If you have a birth certificate from France, Haiti, Senegal or any other country whose official language is French and you need to get it translated into English please contact us. We hope that you consider our company if you are searching for a company to provide certified translations for USCIS. You can get a quote for the translation of your personal documents by scanning and emailing them to

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