What Is a Certified Translation for USCIS?

Immigration attorneys who have assisted many individuals with their visa application are well aware of the requirements of USCIS for foreign-language documents. They have contacted a translation company and requested certified translations for USCIS. Companies that specialize in certified translations are familiar with the type of translation that immigration authorities expect to receive from applicants. When they hear “certified translation’ many wonder what it means and how they can render certified document translation services. For immigration purposes a certified translation is an English translation that has been completed by a professional translator. Professional translators are fluent in the source language and are proficient in English. When they are finished with the translation they attach their declaration with their original signature to the translated documents. USCIS will need the certification, the translated documents, and a copy of the original foreign-language documents. A certified translation has been prepared carefully with strong attention to detail.

To illustrate, suppose you were born in Rome, Italy and that your birth certificate was printed in the Italian language. Now you want to submit a copy of your birth certificate to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services for age verification purposes. Officers do not speak Italian so they would not be able to read your birth date. Consequently, you would need to submit the translation. However, a non-certified translation would not be acceptable because the website clearly states that foreign-language documents must be accompanied by their certified English translations. Thus, you could get in touch with a firm that specializes in certified translation services for USCIS. Such entities have extensive experience translating documents for immigrants and immigration lawyers. They keep up with the most updated information about immigration requirements and strive to meet those standards when they translate a document for a visa application. Knowing what a certified translation is might help you reach the right service providers.

Anyone who is completing a visa application should learn which foreign-language documents need to be submitted. Such documents must be translated into English and certified. Just like many immigration attorneys who seek certified translation services when they are helping their clients you can also get in touch with a translation company. CACFTI is an ideal choice for any immigrant who needs certified translations for USCIS. We invite you to visit our page on USCIS certified translations to learn more about our services. To get started please scan and email us the pages you would like to have translated into English for immigration matters.

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