Why Does Court-Certified Translation Matter?

Courts in the United States are very specific about what they want when it comes to accepting documents that are in a language other than English. They want the original documents to be translated into English and attached to a certified translator’s declaration. Court-certified translations matter to parties that need to present a foreign-language document to a jury. The judge would like the translations to be clear and accurate. Companies that offer certified translations for courts are usually concerned about quality. They proofread the documents before submitting them to their clients as a part of their quality control procedure.

Couples who have signed a prenuptial agreement and would like to use the document in a family court during their divorce process will have to render certified translation services if they drafted the contract in a foreign-language. Individuals who live in the United States but do not speak English fluently might draft the agreement in their native language in order to prevent misunderstandings. Such documents will need to be translated should the couple split and end up in a court to split their property. This is when they will learn the significance of court-certified translations. They cannot simply look for a non-certified translation. Rather they must make sure that the translator who completes the translation has the qualifications courts expect. They have to be fluent in the source language and English. Furthermore, they must prepare a certification and sign it.

CACFTI has recognized the need for high-quality translations that parties need to take to court. We do everything we can to exceed your expectations when you contact us regarding the translation of a document from a foreign language to English. If you have a prenuptial agreement that you drafted in a foreign language and you would like to use it in a court, please ask us how we can help. Our court-certified translators who are passionate about breaking language barriers in the legal system would be happy to assist you. We have built a solid reputation in the translation industry for our quality and attention to detail. We are confident that you will be impressed with our court-certified translations. Please contact us if you are seeking certified translations for courts. Our legal translators and proofreaders would love to have the opportunity to translate your documents. A court-certified translation will matter to you if you are planning to take a foreign-language document to a court in the United States.

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