How to Get a Certified Translation for Academic Documents

Students from abroad who know that they want to study in the United States but are not sure to which schools they will be applying can start the process by preparing the documents all educational institutions require. By rendering academic document translation services they can start working on the part of the application that deals with the submission of supplementary documents. Once they have the certified translations they do not have to worry about language issues associated with the evaluation of their academic records when they apply to American schools. For instance, let us assume that a high school student from Italy intends to study at a community college in Los Angeles.

He would have multiple options to choose from as there are many community colleges, such as Santa Monica College and Pierce College, across LA. Instead of pressuring himself to research all the schools and making a decision about which one he would want to attend he can simply get his academic documents translated into English. Having the translation ready makes the application process simpler because the Italian student no longer has to worry about selecting a translation company to perform the task. All the documents he needs for the application have already been translated from Italian to English. In order to get a certified translation for U.S. schools students can do the following:

-Identify which documents are required for the community colleges they have in mind
-Scan/email the transcripts and diploma to a translation company that offers certified translation services
-Let them know to how many schools they will be applying
-Complete their order

International students are often concerned with many factors when they apply to American schools. They consider location, tuition, the variety of courses offered, student to professor ratio, extracurricular activities, etc. While they gather information about each school they can complete the steps that are required for all applications. Every school will probably request that foreign-language documents are attached to their English translations. Therefore, international applicants can start working on that part of the application. Studying abroad can be a rewarding and enriching experience so students should try to remove language barriers by contacting a reputable translation company. Getting a certified translation for academic records and degrees can be very simple and quick if you know where to go. CACFTI covers the needs of international applicants by providing certified document translations. We have a dedicated team of translators who can handle the translation of academic documents. If you have completed high school overseas and your official transcripts are in a language other than English, please contact us about our academic document translation services. A representative can answer your questions about our certified English translations.

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