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HR documents translation: English to Portuguese

Translation of human resources documents into European Portuguese

Are you looking for English to European Portuguese translation services for HR related documents? We can help! Our translators who specialize in English to European Portuguese and have extensive experience in the translation of HR documents are interested in assisting you. We recognize the importance of your HR manuals and documents and effective communications with parties who speak European Portuguese. We will do our best to deliver high quality and accurate translations that your target audience would understand clearly. We can translate training manuals and employee handbooks from English to Portuguese for use in Portugal.

Translation of documents for human resources into Brazilian Portuguese

Organizations from the United States that are planning to expand to Brazil might need their HR documents translated into Brazilian Portuguese. Whether you are a hospital, a financial institution, a school, or a manufacturer makes no difference! We can translate your HR documents including applications, forms, manuals, employee handbooks, and surveys from English to Brazilian Portuguese for your office(s) in Brazil. Our translators who have ample experience in the translation of documents for Portuguese speakers can assist you. Please email us your documents for a quote.

FAQ about HR document translations from English to Portuguese

-What is the cost of Portuguese translation of HR documents?

The price of English to Portuguese translation for HR documents depends on many factors including the content, the volume, the format, and deadline. Please email us the file for a quote.

-How long does the translation of HR documents from English to Portuguese take?

It depends of many factors. We might be able to provide a faster turnaround time on rush service. Please contact us for more information.

-What if I make revisions after you have completed the translation of the original file?

We prefer to have the changes marked so our translators can make sure they are updating all the changes in the translation.

-What quality assurance procedures do you have in place when it comes to the translation of HR files into Portuguese?

We assign documents to translators based on the type of document we receive. If you submit a document for human resources we will assign it to a translator who specializes in the translation of HR texts. The translator is fluent in both English and Portuguese and is fully comfortable translating from English to Portuguese. We focus on quality and have many satisfied clients.

-What if I need the translation for Portuguese speakers from Brazil and Portugal?

We will provide two versions of the translation. Please make sure you forward the correct version to your recipients.

What if I need business documents to be translated from Portuguese?

Do you need a business related document such as a presentation or brochure to be translated from Portuguese to English for your office in the United States? We can translate business documents from Portuguese to English. Our translators who specialize in the translation of business documents have translated many types of documents for businesses in various industries. If you have received a business document from an organization in Portugal or Brazil and need to have an English translation, please get in touch with us. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the quality of our translations.

Translation of HR documents into Portuguese by CACFTI

California Center for Translation & Interpretation can translate business documents such as training manuals, safety rules, HR handbooks, and statements of compliance from English to Portuguese. Our Portuguese translators who have ample experience in the translation of business related documents can assist you with the translation of your HR documents. Human resources documents often contain legal terminology and require the translator to possess advanced knowledge of such language. Our translators who work on HR documents can effectively handle legal texts. Please email your HR manuals and other documents to for a quote.

How do I get our HR manuals, forms, and applications translated into Portuguese?

You can email your documents to and let us know whether you need European or Brazilian Portuguese. Please specify your deadline, if any. We will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you!

Certified Portuguese to English translation Los Angeles

Certified Translation of Portuguese Documents

Many private and public entities in diverse cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco receive foreign language documents such as Portuguese birth certificates, marriage licenses, degrees, and medical records for various purposes. For official use they usually ask the individuals to provide a certified copy of their Portuguese language documents. If a private or public organization has asked you to submit a certified English translation of your Portuguese language documents, please get in touch with us. We can translate your documents for USCIS as we are familiar with their guidelines pertaining to certified translations. We can also provide certified translations for any other organization that has requested an official translation.

Official Portuguese to English Translations in Los Angeles

We provide official translations for Portuguese documents for clients in Los Angeles and other areas. Our translators who have translated a lot of official documents from Portuguese for use in the United States can help you with your Portuguese to English translation needs. It is important to render the services of a professional translator when it comes to the translation of official documents such as partnership agreements, settlement agreements, leases, memos, and transcripts. If you need Portuguese to English translation services for official uses, please contact us. You can email your Portuguese language documents to for a quote.

Translation of Personal Documents from Portuguese to English

We can translate personal documents including ID cards, voter’s registration cards, driver’s licenses, military cards, birth certificates, and student ID cards from Portuguese to English for your personal use or certain official purposes. If you have been asked to present a certified translation of your Portuguese language documents issued in Brazil and/or Portugal, please get in touch with us. We can translate personal documents from Portuguese to English for employers in Los Angeles that have requested a certified translation. We can also translate such documents for parties that accept certified translations completed in Los Angeles County.

Translation of Portuguese Documents for Schools in Los Angeles and Surrounding Area

If you were educated in Portugal and/or Brazil and you intend to continue your education in the United States, you might need to get your academic documents translated into English. We have translated a lot of transcripts, certificates, and degrees from Portuguese to English for educational purposes in the United States. Many of our clients are international students that intend to submit the translation of their academic documents to an international students and programs office. Our professional translators who are highly skilled and committed to excellence can effectively execute the translation of your academic documents from Portuguese to English for American high schools, colleges, universities, vocational schools, and technical schools.

Translation of Handbooks and Manuals from Portuguese to English

If you represent a Brazilian or Portuguese entity that has prepared its HR handbooks and training manuals in the Portuguese language and it needs to translate the documents into English for an American audience, please get in touch with us. We can translate documents pertaining to human resources department such as corporate policies, safety guidelines, and employee applications from Portuguese to English. Our translators who have extensive experience in human resources and employment law can help you with the translation of your handbooks and manuals from Portuguese to English.

Translation of Portuguese Documents by CACFTI

California Center for Translation & Interpretation is a Los Angeles-based entity that offers Portuguese to English translation services. We can provide certified translations for your Portuguese language documents from Brazil and Portugal. Please contact us if you are looking for official translation services for a Portuguese language document. We have translated a lot of documents from European and Brazilian Portuguese to English. We would love to have the opportunity to assist you too.