Do I Need a Certified and Notarized Translation for USCIS?

Every year the immigration body in the United States receives a number of applications from immigrants and the families of foreigners who intend to move to the U.S. Some applications must be sent in with the translation of foreign-language documents. Individuals who are preparing their application often ask us whether they will need to get a certified and notarized translation. A few years ago certified translations for USCIS had to be notarized. However, recently the rules have changed and for immigration purposes applicants are no longer required to submit a notarized translation.

The non-English language documents have to be translated by a professional translator and be accompanied by his/her certification. A typical example of a document that has to be translated for an immigration application is a birth certificate. For immigration matters the identity of the translator does not have to be verified by a notary public whether it is a birth certificate or a divorce decree that you are presenting. A professional translator or a translation company can sign a declaration attesting to their fluency in the source and English languages. CACFTI keeps up with updates to immigration policies. We are aware that immigration authorities no longer request notarized translations. As a result, we prepare certified translations for those who want the translated documents for a visa application. Nevertheless, we can notarize translations upon request. If you have been asked to provide the certified and notarized translation of your foreign-language documents, please let us know. We will be happy to provide both services.

Many individuals contact us about our professional translations for immigration purposes. We always explain that they only need a certified translation. However, additional services are available for a fee. We aim to provide prompt service so that you can submit your application on time. We can translate your documents quickly without losing accuracy. Our translators are meticulous and translate documents with keen attention to detail. They examine the text in the source language and choose the best words in English to express the meaning of the original document. We understand that experienced translators with advanced language skills can often deliver better translations than those who have just started working in the industry. You can contact us with questions about our certified document translation services. Speak with a representative about certified translations for USCIS and get a quote promptly. All documents can be sent to us electronically. We will need to know the purpose of the translation to attach the proper certification.

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