Translation of Divorce Decrees for Courts in California

Those who have finalized their divorce in a non-English speaking country will be carrying a divorce decree that is in a foreign language. After moving to the United States they might need to have it translated into English. If a spouse refuses to live up to the terms of the divorce decree the other spouse can seek the assistance of courts. In such cases foreigners will have to seek court-certified translation services before they can present their divorce certificate in a family court. The legal system in the United States can try to help such individuals if they can provide the English translation. However, they often ask for a certified translation. Since they heavily rely on these foreign-language documents to make a ruling, courts need to be certain about the quality of the translations.

They assess quality by requiring translators to pass certain exams designed to gauge to abilities of the applicants. Those who possess strong language skills are allowed to translate documents for courts. Immigrants who are not getting alimony or child support from their spouse can take their spouse to court and use their divorce decree to demonstrate that the defendant is breaching the contract. The document cannot be submitted in the original language. Rather, it must be translated into English by a translator who has been approved to translate for courts. CACFTI brings a lot of experience and knowledge to its work. When you need to use a document in a court you will need to let us know so that we have the proper translator take care of your document. In addition, we will attach a copy of the original to the translation along with the court-certified or registered translator’s certification.

Our goal is to offer top-quality translations that you can take with you to court. We are constantly trying to improve our translation services and customer care. We focus on serving you better when you request our legal document translations. When you place an order for a court-certified translation you can be sure that we do our best to exceed your expectations. Whether you are trying to get a divorce decree translated into English for a court in Los Angeles or a prenuptial agreement for courts in San Francisco makes no difference. We can accommodate your needs. Please get in touch with us to find out how you can get a court-certified translation. You will discover that getting a certified translation for court is simple when you come to us.

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