Translating Patents in Los Angeles

Intellectual property lawyers in Los Angeles sometimes work on cases that center around a foreign-language patent. They need to analyze the patent portfolio of their client to figure out how to approach the case. A translation company operating in the same city can often take care of the translation of patents. Firms that specialize in document and website translation usually have experience translating legal text so they can translate patents effectively. Their translators have a solid background in this field and are familiar with vocabulary commonly used in patents. Law firms that have been presented with a foreign-language patent must choose a translation service provider wisely. Translators who provide accurate translations make things simpler on the law firm. The lawyers and their team at the office won’t have to worry about getting the translated documents proofread if they assign the task to a reliable translation company.

Organizations that operate in the translation industry and are dedicated to delivering flawless translations complete quality control procedures before they submit the translation to their client. Therefore, they have already proofread the documents and ensured completeness and accuracy. In most cases the patent’s language is very specific and requires the translator to possess extraordinary language skills to express the same exact meaning as the original document. The translator has to find the right words in the target language because often similar words do not carry the same meaning, distorting the original message. CACFTI serves the residents of Los Angeles as well as other cities worldwide. Documents can be emailed to us from anywhere. We have professional translators who have extensive experience translating legal documents. They are detail-oriented, organized, and reliable. They are ready to translate your documents from a foreign language into English. Many attorneys trust us with the translation of their non-English documents. We can translate patents from various languages including Polish, Italian, Dutch, Farsi, French, Romanian, Portuguese, etc. into English.

Lawyers whose area of practice is intellectual property and copyright can depend on us for their professional translation needs. We can manage the translation of technical documents so if you have a patent for software or other technology products you can come to us with confidence. Knowing that you expect high-quality translations, we select only the best translators in the industry to perform the translation of your documents. We are confident in our ability to deliver translations that exceed your expectations. Please call or email us to learn how you can get started with the translation of your patents. We look forward to assisting you!

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