Translation of Academic Documents for Language Schools

Students from non-English speaking nations who study English in the United States often believe that they can learn the language better because they will be forced to speak it with the local people. Most of these students who apply to language schools in the U.S. seek academic document translation services to show that they have completed high school in their home country. Some language schools only accept international applicants who hold at least a high school diploma. Those who are interested in submitted their application to such institutions should consider contacting an academic translator with experience translating diplomas.

Translators whose area of specialty is education and academia typically are familiar with diplomas and academic transcripts. They can use their in-depth knowledge and experience in the area to translate international students’ documents. Students should focus on finding a well-qualified translator so that they do not have to worry about getting their diploma retranslated. Companies that consistently provide high-quality translations for academic documents are good choices for applicants from foreign countries. They are concerned about your acceptance to the school of your choice as much as you. Therefore, they do their best to translate your documents professionally. A diploma requires a special skill set. Language schools often want to see the official stamps, seals, and signatures of the issuing school’s principals and directors. Translators with experience in diploma translation services are aware that they need to translate the text and insert images and signatures in the translated document. Their translations are clear and accurate.
California Center for Translation & Interpretation is based in LA and serves international applicants who are looking to get their diplomas translated into English. We have translated many documents for students from foreign countries. We understand that studying English in the United States has its advantages. You can immerse in the language and culture, picking up everyday phrases that are spoken around you. We are interested in being part of your language studies in the United States. If you are applying to a language school that has requested the certified translation of your academic records, be sure to contact us for prompt assistance. We have translated many diplomas and transcripts for international students applying to American colleges and universities. Please ask us for more information about our academic document translation services. We can provide a quote and turnaround time if you scan and email us your diploma and other academic documents.

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