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3 Things to Ask Your Academic Translator

The residents of Los Angeles as well as international students from all over the world attend community colleges every semester. Those who come from non-English speaking countries will typically be asked to provide proof of completion of general education requirement or they will have to take those courses here. International candidate should ask their academic translator a few questions before they confirm the translation of their school transcripts with them. The first question might be whether the translator has experience delivering academic document translation services. Those who have translated similar documents often possess the right sets of skills to complete the translation of your academic records. You can be sure of a translator’s competence if he has proven expertise in academic document translation. Translators who have consistently provided high-quality translations for international students can usually be trusted with your documents.
The second question that you might want to ask is how long the translator will take to finish the translation of your academic documents. Colleges and universities often need to receive your application by a certain deadline. They post the deadline for upcoming semesters on the school’s website. Applications that are incomplete or late might be rejected for the semester you are applying for. International students who submit their application but fail to provide the English translation of their academic transcripts might receive no credit for courses they completed back home. The courses they have taken in their home country might be acceptable as the prerequisite for a course they are interested in signing up for. However, if they cannot provide the English translations of their academic transcripts they cannot expect the school to waive those requirements.
The third question worth exploring is whether they will mail the translations or you will have to pick it up. If the translation company you have contacted does not allow you to pick up and you need the translations urgently then you might have to pay for expedited shipping. On the other hand, international applicants who go to local firms that permit their clients to pick up their translations can usually pick up on the same day the translation is ready.
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