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Certified Translation of Academic Documents Issued in Italy

Students from Italy who are interested in attending a community college in the United States should gather as much information as they can about the admissions process. By contacting academic advisors they can learn how to submit their application and which documents must be sent. For admissions to colleges international students are commonly asked to submit a copy of their high school transcripts. In order to meet this requirement the applicant must seek academic document translation services and submit the translated documents along with the application. International student offices often lack the capability to translate foreign-language documents. As a result, they request that supplementary documents are submitted with their certified English translations. An applicant who completed high school in Italy would need to contact a translation company such as CACFTI regarding certified Italian translation services.

California Center for Translation & Interpretation tries to make a difference in the lives of international students who are looking for certified document translation service. Our experienced translators who specialize in the translation of academic documents are ready to translate your documents from a foreign language to English. Students who have recently graduated from a high school in Italy and would like to pursue college education in the United States can be sure that we have their language needs covered. We can translate your high school transcripts from Italian to English. If the college you are applying to also requires a copy of your diploma earned from an Italian high school you can scan and email it to us as well. We will translate your diploma along with your grade sheets. Applying to a college in a foreign country can be challenging for those who have never studied abroad.

High school students from Italy who are ready for a new academic experience in the United States can contact us about the translation of their transcripts and certificates from Italian to English. We are interested in hearing from any international student who is in the process of applying to a college in the United States. If you are planning to study at Pierce College or any other community college in Los Angeles and you have been asked to provide a certified translation of your academic records and degree, we suggest that you contact us. We are here for you if you have a question about our academic document translation services. We have translated academic documents for many international students and can translate yours too!

Translating a Website for an Audience in Angeles

Businesses that cater to a culturally diverse target market should figure out how they are going to communicate their messages clearly. Entities that launch a website, hoping to reach customers in Los Angeles might find value in translating their content into Spanish. A large number of Spanish speakers live in this city. Not all of them understand English. Therefore, translating their website from English into Spanish could help these businesses reach individuals who prefer to receive information in their native language. A translation company in Los Angeles that offers Spanish translation services could assist companies that are hoping to penetrate the local market. A Los Angeles-based company that specializes in the translation of corporate websites and has Spanish translators available can translate the information for your Spanish-speaking audience.

Translators who are fluent in Spanish and English know exactly how to proceed when they are assigned a translation project. They review the site in English and try to figure out what is the best way to translate the content. They keep your target audience in mind and translate the text using the words in the target language that best conveys their message. After they have translated the website they proofread their work and make the necessary adjustments to make sure the final version of the translation reads smoothly. Businesses that wish to target consumers in a multicultural city like LA can take advantage of the translation services local companies offer. They can try to narrow down the languages they would like their website to be translated into or they can ask the translation company for assistance. Businesses that are interested in having a multilingual website can get in touch with a translation company to learn how they can proceed.

CACFTI offers professional translation services for Spanish and all the other major world languages. Our goal is to exceed your expectations whether you are looking to get a document or website translated for a diverse customer base. We understand that in a global economy language barriers will create issues for companies that need to communicate effectively with a heterogeneous audience. With our translation services you can add a foreign language feature to your website. Thus, visitors who do not understand English can switch to the language they prefer. Businesses that are ready to deliver their message to a non-English speaking audience can contact CACFTI, a translation company in Los Angeles. We will need to know the languages you have in mind and your deadline.

Certified English Translations of Court Orders

A restraining order that is issued in foreign country can be enforced in the United States under the full faith and credit clause. Individuals who have moved to the United States and have a restraining order from a court abroad might consider seeking certified translations for courts if they are hoping to have the judgment enforced here. For example, those who have such an order from a German court must look for a translator who is approved to translate German documents into English. Translators who are fluent in the language pairs they work with and have passed the court’s requirements can execute the translation of your court documents. A restraining order is an important legal document that must be translated properly. It is an injunction whose purpose is to prevent harassment against another party.

A person who is protected by a foreign restraining order can file a copy of the original and the certified translation. Translators who have extensive experience translating legal documents are familiar with the terminology specific to the field and can effectively translate restraining orders. They understand the importance of delivering high-quality translations for court orders. CACFTI helps individuals who wish to file a restraining order obtained in a foreign country in the United States. Our court-certified translation services are designed to remove language barriers for foreigners who need to submit a document issued back in their home country to American courts. Our translators who specialize in court-certified translation have the knowledge and experience necessary to complete top-quality translations. They strive to exceed your expectations with translations that impress. They are fully competent to translate your foreign-language documents to English.

We are happy to translate your legal documents from German to English and attach the translator’s certification to the translations so that you can submit them to U.S. courts. If you have never contacted a translation company in Los Angeles for the translation of a document from a foreign language to English, you can start now. Whether you have a temporary or final restraining order makes no difference! We can translate any document from German to English. We also cover all the other major world languages. If you have a German-language document that you would like us to translate into English, please get in touch with us. We can be reached by email or phone to discuss the translation of your documents. We will need to know that you are seeking certified translations for courts. Therefore, mention that in your email when you send us a copy of your restraining order.

Certified Translation of Farsi Birth Certificate for USCIS

Individuals from Iran who are ready to submit their immigration application should prepare the supplementary documents. They might be asked to translate their birth certificate from Farsi to English. Seeking certified translations for USCIS, they can meet the language requirements for their immigration application. The translation of a birth certificate requires a certain level of knowledge and skill. This point is especially true for languages like Persian in which variations in spellings are possible when names are translated into English. Therefore, individuals who have been asked to present an English translation of their birth certificate should leave the task to a professional translator.

Only experienced translators who have worked extensively in the translation industry have the ability to translate a birth certificate properly. When they finish the first draft of the birth certificate translation they proofread it to make sure they did not miss any information. In addition, they are willing to show the translation to the client to ensure consistency with their other legal documents. When translators translate documents that their clients will be using for immigration purposes they make an extra effort to ensure consistency. They aim to deliver translations that are correct and match the spelling used in the client’s other legal documents. Farsi translators are aware that variations exist and do their best to keep the spellings of names the same as the client’s other personal documents. A birth certificate is usually one or two pages long. However, this short length does not mean that the task is very simple. It only means that the translator has to translate fewer words than a document like a divorce decree. Translating a birth certificate can get complicated because documents that are issued in Farsi read from right to left so formatting can get a bit tricky. Images that appear on the right hand side of the page, for example, must be inserted on the left hand side of the translation.

Companies that have built a solid reputation for their certified Farsi to English translation services can assist immigrants from Iran who are planning to send an application to USCIS. They use the knowledge they have acquired through their experience and education to deliver high-quality translation services. Whether you need a birth certificate or any other personal document translated you can rely on their expertise to complete excellent translations. CACFTI is a Los Angeles-based company offering certified translations for USCIS. We hope to speak with you about your professional translation needs for an immigration matter.

How Certified Translations Are Relevant to International Students

Students from non-English speaking countries who are excited about studying abroad in the United States will soon find out the role certified translation services play in their application process. Educational institutions in the United States that accept applications from international students will require the English translation of foreign-language transcripts and diplomas. Thereby, applicants must seek academic document translation services while they work on their admissions application.

Certified translations are relevant because American schools must be able to read the text on applicants’ academic records in order to make a decision. They cannot determine whether an international applicant has the qualifications they are looking for in a candidate if they cannot understand the information. Translators who specialize in the translation of academic documents closely examine the original documents and write the equivalents in English so that the applicant can send the translated documents along with his/her application. Experienced translators who have professionally translated documents for international students are familiar with the procedure. They translate and certify the documents, using their knowledge and expertise in the field. While international students do not realize the importance of certified translations until they start the application process, they will definitely learn along the way that the English translation of their documents is critical. CACFTI is committed to deliver top-quality translation services to international students. We have translated academic documents for many international students throughout the United States and would love to hear from you if you also need to have your school transcripts and degree certificate translated into English.

We have the capability to translate your documents from any of the major world languages into English. For example, if you have studied in Romania and your degree was issued in the Romanian language you can email it to us and we will translate it to English for you. Our Romanian translators and proofreaders will do their best to translate your academic documents accurately. All you have to do is figure out exactly what needs to be translated and send it to us by email. We understand that the overall quality of the translations matter to American schools that review your application. Our stringent quality control processes will ensure that you receive impressive translations that you can present to the school of your choice. We suggest that you contact us for more information about our certified academic document translation services. We would love to hear from international students who are looking for certified translation service in Los Angeles.