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What Is a Certified Translation for USCIS?

Immigration attorneys who have assisted many individuals with their visa application are well aware of the requirements of USCIS for foreign-language documents. They have contacted a translation company and requested certified translations for USCIS. Companies that specialize in certified translations are familiar with the type of translation that immigration authorities expect to receive from applicants. When they hear “certified translation’ many wonder what it means and how they can render certified document translation services. For immigration purposes a certified translation is an English translation that has been completed by a professional translator. Professional translators are fluent in the source language and are proficient in English. When they are finished with the translation they attach their declaration with their original signature to the translated documents. USCIS will need the certification, the translated documents, and a copy of the original foreign-language documents. A certified translation has been prepared carefully with strong attention to detail.

To illustrate, suppose you were born in Rome, Italy and that your birth certificate was printed in the Italian language. Now you want to submit a copy of your birth certificate to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services for age verification purposes. Officers do not speak Italian so they would not be able to read your birth date. Consequently, you would need to submit the translation. However, a non-certified translation would not be acceptable because the website clearly states that foreign-language documents must be accompanied by their certified English translations. Thus, you could get in touch with a firm that specializes in certified translation services for USCIS. Such entities have extensive experience translating documents for immigrants and immigration lawyers. They keep up with the most updated information about immigration requirements and strive to meet those standards when they translate a document for a visa application. Knowing what a certified translation is might help you reach the right service providers.

Anyone who is completing a visa application should learn which foreign-language documents need to be submitted. Such documents must be translated into English and certified. Just like many immigration attorneys who seek certified translation services when they are helping their clients you can also get in touch with a translation company. CACFTI is an ideal choice for any immigrant who needs certified translations for USCIS. We invite you to visit our page on USCIS certified translations to learn more about our services. To get started please scan and email us the pages you would like to have translated into English for immigration matters.

How to Get a Certified Translation for Academic Documents

Students from abroad who know that they want to study in the United States but are not sure to which schools they will be applying can start the process by preparing the documents all educational institutions require. By rendering academic document translation services they can start working on the part of the application that deals with the submission of supplementary documents. Once they have the certified translations they do not have to worry about language issues associated with the evaluation of their academic records when they apply to American schools. For instance, let us assume that a high school student from Italy intends to study at a community college in Los Angeles.

He would have multiple options to choose from as there are many community colleges, such as Santa Monica College and Pierce College, across LA. Instead of pressuring himself to research all the schools and making a decision about which one he would want to attend he can simply get his academic documents translated into English. Having the translation ready makes the application process simpler because the Italian student no longer has to worry about selecting a translation company to perform the task. All the documents he needs for the application have already been translated from Italian to English. In order to get a certified translation for U.S. schools students can do the following:

-Identify which documents are required for the community colleges they have in mind
-Scan/email the transcripts and diploma to a translation company that offers certified translation services
-Let them know to how many schools they will be applying
-Complete their order

International students are often concerned with many factors when they apply to American schools. They consider location, tuition, the variety of courses offered, student to professor ratio, extracurricular activities, etc. While they gather information about each school they can complete the steps that are required for all applications. Every school will probably request that foreign-language documents are attached to their English translations. Therefore, international applicants can start working on that part of the application. Studying abroad can be a rewarding and enriching experience so students should try to remove language barriers by contacting a reputable translation company. Getting a certified translation for academic records and degrees can be very simple and quick if you know where to go. CACFTI covers the needs of international applicants by providing certified document translations. We have a dedicated team of translators who can handle the translation of academic documents. If you have completed high school overseas and your official transcripts are in a language other than English, please contact us about our academic document translation services. A representative can answer your questions about our certified English translations.

Translating Multi-Year Agreements in Los Angeles

Entertainment companies in Los Angeles frequently negotiate deals with studios in foreign countries in their efforts to bring fresh content to the English-speaking audience in the United States. Once they have agreed to the terms of the contract they are ready to draft the first version of the agreement. Since the other party is from a non-English speaking country it is important for them to have the document translated to the language they are most comfortable with. They can contact a translation company in Los Angeles and learn how they can have the English version translated to a foreign language. The quality of the translation is always important but especially significant to those who are signing a multi-year agreement.

In those transactions a larger amount is at stake so there is almost no room for misunderstandings. The American parties do not have to translate the final draft if it is not ready. They can translate the first draft so that the other party can review the translated document and raise questions or ask for revisions. Translators can translate the revisions when necessary so both parties can have the second version of the agreement. While companies cannot expect the second version to be the final one it is a great way for them to communicate the details of the updates to the other party. Companies in Los Angeles that have never conducted international business should think about the way they will be dealing with language barriers. They will need documents to be translated for the non-English speaking party. Entertainment companies from non-English speaking countries that are interested in entering into an agreement with American firms usually hope that documents are submitted to them in their first language. Therefore, contractual partners should keep in mind that the documents they prepare should in English and the native language of the party they are dealing with.

Entertainment industry leaders that are based in Los Angeles often try to keep their competitive edge by purchasing new content from foreign companies. When they are ready to sign a multi-year licensing agreement they rely on the services of professional translators to translate the document. CACFTI and its experienced translators come to the assistance of entertainment companies that need to communicate their expectations clearly with foreigners. If you have a contract that you wish to present to a non-English speaking party regarding the rights and loyalty fees associated with obtaining content produced abroad, please get in touch with us. Our translators who love the entertainment industry and specialize in legal translation can handle the translations of your agreements. You can send us a copy of your agreement and the target language(s) so that we can provide a quote.

The Type of Translation Courts Require in California

Those who practice law in the state of California must be active members of the bar association and in good standing. It is a regulated industry such that lawyers can only practice with a valid license. Likewise, translators who translate documents for courts have to meet certain requirements. Linguists who provide certified translations for courts are approved to translate documents that are going to court. They are either registered for certified translators who have passed an exam and/or satisfied the minimum requirements. Translators who strive to satisfy their clients often continue to improve their skills even though they are allowed to translate for courts. Our translators keep themselves up to date with the evolution of languages and cultures. They do not merely rely on their past knowledge to translate documents.

They study the languages so that they can select the best words in the target language when they are working on a translation project. We have translated documents for many lawyers and would love to translate your legal documents too. Our translators who have experience translating for courts are interested in translating your legal documents. They have translated contracts, medical records, child adoption agreements, bylaws, etc. Individuals and companies that are preparing the documents they need to present to court and have come across a foreign-language document do not have to leave it out. They can rely on our legal translators to translate such documents into English. We are aware that courts require certified translations so when you contact us regarding the translation of a document that will be sent to courts we will be sure to attach the court approved translator’s certification to the translated documents.

Our goal is to deliver top-quality translations that accurately capture the meaning of the original documents and are acceptable for courts in California. CACFTI is familiar with the requirements of courts for foreign-language documents. We provide the type of translation that courts expect from parties that present a case involving a non-English document. Plaintiffs, defendants, and lawyers who are looking to submit a non-English document to a court in California are welcome to contact us about our court-certified translation services. We will assign your project to a translator who has the qualifications court require. We are confident that you will be happy with our services. Please let us know if you are seeking certified translations for courts. A representative will help you place an order.

What Does Certified Translation for USCIS Mean?

Individuals who are completing an application for United States Citizenship and Immigration Services often come across a rule that says they need to submit a certified English translation of their personal documents. “What is a certified translation” is a common question that they pose when they contact us. Certified translation means a translation that has been prepared by a professional translator. A certified translation has been completed by a translator who is fluent in both the target and source languages and has translated the document to the best of his/her abilities. The translated documents are then attached to the translator’s declaration, following the guidelines of immigration authorities.

The standard form states that the translation has been executed by a professional translator who is a neutral third party. The certification includes the company’s information including address, phone number, email address, etc. All the pages bear the official stamp and seal of the translation company. For immigration purposes individuals will need to render certified translation services. The translation of foreign-language documents must be accompanied by the translator’s certification for filing an application with the USCIS. CACFTI has served the needs of many immigration attorneys who were looking for certified translation services. We have also translated documents for other individuals who were working on an immigration application without the assistance of an attorney. We are experts in the area of certified document translation. We know exactly what a certified translation means and what immigration authorities expect.

If you have a foreign-language document and you do not know where to start please scan and email it to us. We can translate many types of documents including child adoption agreements, medical records, bank statements, marriage licenses, business plans, birth certificates, etc. Our certified translations meet the requirements of USCIS so immigrants can submit our translations with their application. If you need a certified translation for an immigration matter please get in touch with us. If you have additional questions about what a certified translation is and whether you will need a certified translation please contact us. We just want make a quick reminder that a certified translation for USCIS is different from a court-certified translation so when you get in touch with us please let us know that your translated documents will be used for immigration purposes. We always try to emphasize that a certified translation for USCIS and a court-certified translations are very different. If you are looking for information about our certified translations for courts, please click here.