The Type of Translation Courts Require in California

Those who practice law in the state of California must be active members of the bar association and in good standing. It is a regulated industry such that lawyers can only practice with a valid license. Likewise, translators who translate documents for courts have to meet certain requirements. Linguists who provide certified translations for courts are approved to translate documents that are going to court. They are either registered for certified translators who have passed an exam and/or satisfied the minimum requirements. Translators who strive to satisfy their clients often continue to improve their skills even though they are allowed to translate for courts. Our translators keep themselves up to date with the evolution of languages and cultures. They do not merely rely on their past knowledge to translate documents.

They study the languages so that they can select the best words in the target language when they are working on a translation project. We have translated documents for many lawyers and would love to translate your legal documents too. Our translators who have experience translating for courts are interested in translating your legal documents. They have translated contracts, medical records, child adoption agreements, bylaws, etc. Individuals and companies that are preparing the documents they need to present to court and have come across a foreign-language document do not have to leave it out. They can rely on our legal translators to translate such documents into English. We are aware that courts require certified translations so when you contact us regarding the translation of a document that will be sent to courts we will be sure to attach the court approved translator’s certification to the translated documents.

Our goal is to deliver top-quality translations that accurately capture the meaning of the original documents and are acceptable for courts in California. CACFTI is familiar with the requirements of courts for foreign-language documents. We provide the type of translation that courts expect from parties that present a case involving a non-English document. Plaintiffs, defendants, and lawyers who are looking to submit a non-English document to a court in California are welcome to contact us about our court-certified translation services. We will assign your project to a translator who has the qualifications court require. We are confident that you will be happy with our services. Please let us know if you are seeking certified translations for courts. A representative will help you place an order.

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