What Does Certified Translation for USCIS Mean?

Individuals who are completing an application for United States Citizenship and Immigration Services often come across a rule that says they need to submit a certified English translation of their personal documents. “What is a certified translation” is a common question that they pose when they contact us. Certified translation means a translation that has been prepared by a professional translator. A certified translation has been completed by a translator who is fluent in both the target and source languages and has translated the document to the best of his/her abilities. The translated documents are then attached to the translator’s declaration, following the guidelines of immigration authorities.

The standard form states that the translation has been executed by a professional translator who is a neutral third party. The certification includes the company’s information including address, phone number, email address, etc. All the pages bear the official stamp and seal of the translation company. For immigration purposes individuals will need to render certified translation services. The translation of foreign-language documents must be accompanied by the translator’s certification for filing an application with the USCIS. CACFTI has served the needs of many immigration attorneys who were looking for certified translation services. We have also translated documents for other individuals who were working on an immigration application without the assistance of an attorney. We are experts in the area of certified document translation. We know exactly what a certified translation means and what immigration authorities expect.

If you have a foreign-language document and you do not know where to start please scan and email it to us. We can translate many types of documents including child adoption agreements, medical records, bank statements, marriage licenses, business plans, birth certificates, etc. Our certified translations meet the requirements of USCIS so immigrants can submit our translations with their application. If you need a certified translation for an immigration matter please get in touch with us. If you have additional questions about what a certified translation is and whether you will need a certified translation please contact us. We just want make a quick reminder that a certified translation for USCIS is different from a court-certified translation so when you get in touch with us please let us know that your translated documents will be used for immigration purposes. We always try to emphasize that a certified translation for USCIS and a court-certified translations are very different. If you are looking for information about our certified translations for courts, please click here.

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