Certified English Translations of Court Orders

A restraining order that is issued in foreign country can be enforced in the United States under the full faith and credit clause. Individuals who have moved to the United States and have a restraining order from a court abroad might consider seeking certified translations for courts if they are hoping to have the judgment enforced here. For example, those who have such an order from a German court must look for a translator who is approved to translate German documents into English. Translators who are fluent in the language pairs they work with and have passed the court’s requirements can execute the translation of your court documents. A restraining order is an important legal document that must be translated properly. It is an injunction whose purpose is to prevent harassment against another party.

A person who is protected by a foreign restraining order can file a copy of the original and the certified translation. Translators who have extensive experience translating legal documents are familiar with the terminology specific to the field and can effectively translate restraining orders. They understand the importance of delivering high-quality translations for court orders. CACFTI helps individuals who wish to file a restraining order obtained in a foreign country in the United States. Our court-certified translation services are designed to remove language barriers for foreigners who need to submit a document issued back in their home country to American courts. Our translators who specialize in court-certified translation have the knowledge and experience necessary to complete top-quality translations. They strive to exceed your expectations with translations that impress. They are fully competent to translate your foreign-language documents to English.

We are happy to translate your legal documents from German to English and attach the translator’s certification to the translations so that you can submit them to U.S. courts. If you have never contacted a translation company in Los Angeles for the translation of a document from a foreign language to English, you can start now. Whether you have a temporary or final restraining order makes no difference! We can translate any document from German to English. We also cover all the other major world languages. If you have a German-language document that you would like us to translate into English, please get in touch with us. We can be reached by email or phone to discuss the translation of your documents. We will need to know that you are seeking certified translations for courts. Therefore, mention that in your email when you send us a copy of your restraining order.

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