Certified Translation of Farsi Birth Certificate for USCIS

Individuals from Iran who are ready to submit their immigration application should prepare the supplementary documents. They might be asked to translate their birth certificate from Farsi to English. Seeking certified translations for USCIS, they can meet the language requirements for their immigration application. The translation of a birth certificate requires a certain level of knowledge and skill. This point is especially true for languages like Persian in which variations in spellings are possible when names are translated into English. Therefore, individuals who have been asked to present an English translation of their birth certificate should leave the task to a professional translator.

Only experienced translators who have worked extensively in the translation industry have the ability to translate a birth certificate properly. When they finish the first draft of the birth certificate translation they proofread it to make sure they did not miss any information. In addition, they are willing to show the translation to the client to ensure consistency with their other legal documents. When translators translate documents that their clients will be using for immigration purposes they make an extra effort to ensure consistency. They aim to deliver translations that are correct and match the spelling used in the client’s other legal documents. Farsi translators are aware that variations exist and do their best to keep the spellings of names the same as the client’s other personal documents. A birth certificate is usually one or two pages long. However, this short length does not mean that the task is very simple. It only means that the translator has to translate fewer words than a document like a divorce decree. Translating a birth certificate can get complicated because documents that are issued in Farsi read from right to left so formatting can get a bit tricky. Images that appear on the right hand side of the page, for example, must be inserted on the left hand side of the translation.

Companies that have built a solid reputation for their certified Farsi to English translation services can assist immigrants from Iran who are planning to send an application to USCIS. They use the knowledge they have acquired through their experience and education to deliver high-quality translation services. Whether you need a birth certificate or any other personal document translated you can rely on their expertise to complete excellent translations. CACFTI is a Los Angeles-based company offering certified translations for USCIS. We hope to speak with you about your professional translation needs for an immigration matter.

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