How Certified Translations Are Relevant to International Students

Students from non-English speaking countries who are excited about studying abroad in the United States will soon find out the role certified translation services play in their application process. Educational institutions in the United States that accept applications from international students will require the English translation of foreign-language transcripts and diplomas. Thereby, applicants must seek academic document translation services while they work on their admissions application.

Certified translations are relevant because American schools must be able to read the text on applicants’ academic records in order to make a decision. They cannot determine whether an international applicant has the qualifications they are looking for in a candidate if they cannot understand the information. Translators who specialize in the translation of academic documents closely examine the original documents and write the equivalents in English so that the applicant can send the translated documents along with his/her application. Experienced translators who have professionally translated documents for international students are familiar with the procedure. They translate and certify the documents, using their knowledge and expertise in the field. While international students do not realize the importance of certified translations until they start the application process, they will definitely learn along the way that the English translation of their documents is critical. CACFTI is committed to deliver top-quality translation services to international students. We have translated academic documents for many international students throughout the United States and would love to hear from you if you also need to have your school transcripts and degree certificate translated into English.

We have the capability to translate your documents from any of the major world languages into English. For example, if you have studied in Romania and your degree was issued in the Romanian language you can email it to us and we will translate it to English for you. Our Romanian translators and proofreaders will do their best to translate your academic documents accurately. All you have to do is figure out exactly what needs to be translated and send it to us by email. We understand that the overall quality of the translations matter to American schools that review your application. Our stringent quality control processes will ensure that you receive impressive translations that you can present to the school of your choice. We suggest that you contact us for more information about our certified academic document translation services. We would love to hear from international students who are looking for certified translation service in Los Angeles.

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