How to Certify a Translation in Los Angeles

Individuals who have obtained the translation of their official documents in their home country and now have moved to the United States might wonder whether a translation company in Los Angeles can certify those translations. They might be thinking about submitting the English translations to USCIS but they need the certification to come from an American company. Translations that were completed by translation firms outside of the United States cannot be certified here. In order to get a certified translation you will need to send your original-language documents to a translation company within the United States. Experienced translators who are very skilled in the field of document translation can provide quick turnarounds. They will translate the documents to the best of their ability so that you can be confident about sending in your application with the English translations. You can probably use the translations you have obtained in your home country for unofficial purposes.

However, for immigration matters you will need to have a translator translate and certify your personal documents. Usually companies in the United States do not take translations from translators who do not work for them. They only certify translations that their own translators execute. CACFTI can certify the translations that its translators have completed. Its translators have extensive experience translating various types of documents for immigration purposes. They are very interested in translating your documents from foreign languages into English. They possess excellent language skills and can translate your documents with close attention to detail. We do not proofread the translations of translators who have translated documents in foreign countries. We are very concerned about quality and accuracy so we only certify translations that are completed by our translators. We suggest that you contact us if you need to get your foreign-language documents translated into English for USCIS.

Therefore, please send us the original documents so that our translators can translate them from scratch. All the pages can be submitted to us electronically. We will send you the certified English translation by mail or you can pick it up. We hope that you will consider our professional translations services if you are looking for a translation company in Los Angeles, CA. We will need to know that you will be using the certified translations for an immigration application. Please be sure to let us know where you would like us to mail the hard copy. We will also need to know how quickly you would like to have the translations.

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