Translation of Court Order in a Child Custody Case

Child custody battles can be very emotional for families. Children often have to choose between their mother and father. Parents commonly have a tough time accepting that they have to give up their rights to see their children during the week. Individuals who have a custody order from a foreign country usually wonder how courts in the United States will deal with them. The first step is to seek certified translations for courts because non-English documents cannot be submitted to American courts. Companies that rely on court-certified translators for the translation of documents that will be used in courts can help immigrants from non-English speaking countries. They have extensive experience translating and certifying legal documents. Those who have a child custody order issued in their home country should consider contacting a translation company in the United States.

CACFTI is a full-service translation company that offers certified translation services for courts. Immigrants who have a court order issued in a foreign language and they would like to present it in an American court are encouraged to contact us for more information. Our translation specialists are here to assist you. We understand that it is difficult to go through with a child custody case and that the last thing you want to worry about is overcoming language barriers when you move to the United States. Therefore, we have selected top translators to take care of the translation of your court documents. Translating documents is simple for our team of professional translators and proofreaders because they have a lot of experience in the area of legal translations. We aim to make the translation process simple for you. All you have to do is scan and email us all the pages that are relevant to your case.

You might want to speak with your lawyer to determine which pages need to be translated into English. Without your specific instructions we will translate all the text. Families from non-English speaking countries who have settled in Los Angeles and would like the courts here to enforce the judgment of the court in their home country should get the document translated to English. Once the document is attached to its certified translation it can be sent to courts. Linguists who focus on certified translations for courts can handle the translation of your documents. To learn more about certified document translation service and how you can get your documents translated for courts, please contact us.

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