Difference between USCIS Certified and Court-Certified Translation

What is the difference between a certified translation for USCIS and certified translations for courts?

Many individuals want to know how a certified translation for immigration differs from one prepared for courts. Companies that offer a full range of professional translation services are aware of the distinctions between the two types of translations. Certified translations for USCIS are executed by professionals who have experience translating documents from foreign languages into English. A translation that has been completed by an experienced translator will be certified by the translation company. The translator or a representative from the firm can sign the certification, which states that the translated document is true and correct. The original document is also stamped, sealed, and attached to the translated documents.

In contrast, court-certified translations are done by translators who have passed an exam and meet the other requirements of courts. They are either registered or certified and are well-qualified to translate documents from foreign languages into English. They translate the document and attach their declaration. This is similar to the certification that translators prepare for USCIS with a few modifications. Firms that are knowledgeable about the requirements of courts have a standard certification that they send to their clients who are seeking a court-certified translation.

Individuals who are filling out an application for a visa and are not sure what to do with the foreign-language documents they need to submit can contact us regarding our certified document translation services. Our translators are ready to translate your documents so that you can include the translations with your application. We are dedicated to translating your documents perfectly. Our translators who are proficient in English and the foreign language they work with.

CACFTI specializes in document translation services. We understand the importance of delivering the right type of translation for your purposes. We know the difference between a translation that is acceptable in courts and translations that are used for immigration applications. Hence, when you contact us we try to gather as much information as we can about the party that will be receiving the translations. Please be ready to provide information about the recipient. If you are taking the translation to court we will provide a court-certified translation. If you are looking for a translation that you can use for an immigration matter, we will provide certified translations for USCIS. Please contact us for more information about how you can get a document translated from a foreign language into English.

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