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Difference between USCIS Certified and Court-Certified Translation

What is the difference between a certified translation for USCIS and certified translations for courts?

Many individuals want to know how a certified translation for immigration differs from one prepared for courts. Companies that offer a full range of professional translation services are aware of the distinctions between the two types of translations. Certified translations for USCIS are executed by professionals who have experience translating documents from foreign languages into English. A translation that has been completed by an experienced translator will be certified by the translation company. The translator or a representative from the firm can sign the certification, which states that the translated document is true and correct. The original document is also stamped, sealed, and attached to the translated documents.

In contrast, court-certified translations are done by translators who have passed an exam and meet the other requirements of courts. They are either registered or certified and are well-qualified to translate documents from foreign languages into English. They translate the document and attach their declaration. This is similar to the certification that translators prepare for USCIS with a few modifications. Firms that are knowledgeable about the requirements of courts have a standard certification that they send to their clients who are seeking a court-certified translation.

Individuals who are filling out an application for a visa and are not sure what to do with the foreign-language documents they need to submit can contact us regarding our certified document translation services. Our translators are ready to translate your documents so that you can include the translations with your application. We are dedicated to translating your documents perfectly. Our translators who are proficient in English and the foreign language they work with.

CACFTI specializes in document translation services. We understand the importance of delivering the right type of translation for your purposes. We know the difference between a translation that is acceptable in courts and translations that are used for immigration applications. Hence, when you contact us we try to gather as much information as we can about the party that will be receiving the translations. Please be ready to provide information about the recipient. If you are taking the translation to court we will provide a court-certified translation. If you are looking for a translation that you can use for an immigration matter, we will provide certified translations for USCIS. Please contact us for more information about how you can get a document translated from a foreign language into English.

Translation of Academic Documents in Los Angeles, CA

Since there are only a few law schools in Canada, a high percentage of applicants are rejected every year. What do such applicants do when they receive a rejection letter but are still interested in pursuing a career in law? Academic document translation services and companies in Los Angeles that offer certified translations help individuals from the French-speaking parts of Canada who have been turned down by law schools back home and want to explore their options abroad. Students who are ready to apply to law schools in the United States can start by reviewing the requirements of admissions to law programs. For instance, some law schools might only take applications for individuals who have earned their degrees from an American university. Nevertheless, many law schools throughout the United States including those in California take applications from foreigners.

While in a country like Canada applicants have a few choices, the United States offers numerous options for Americans and foreigners. Some law schools are more competitive than others. Stanford Law School, for instance, is highly competitive and has a lower acceptance rate. However, many other schools across the country compete for students because they do not get enough applications to fill available spaces. Those law schools are especially interested in hearing from international students because they pay higher tuition and fees. Language barriers do not create complications for applicants who have studied in non-English speaking countries because academic translators can translate transcripts and diplomas into English. Companies that provide document translation service can translate and certify academic documents. Therefore, admissions officers can evaluate international applicants’ academic performance in order to make a decision.

CACFTI offers solutions to international students’ problem of submitting their foreign-language documents to American schools for consideration. Students from Quebec, for example, who cannot attend law school in Canada can take advantage of our French to English translation services to apply to American schools. We can translate academic documents from any of the major world languages into English. If you have completed a degree in Quebec or any other French-speaking territory and are ready to send your application to U.S. schools, we encourage you to contact us regarding our certified translation services. Chances are you will be asked to provide the certified English translations of your academic documents. We are a leading company in LA that offers academic document translation services. Please let us know if we can help you with a part of your application to law schools.

Foreign Researchers at Los Angeles Universities

Researchers outside of the United States who move to Los Angeles with the intention of working temporarily at a university are often introduced to a new way of conducting research. Many of them find the experience invaluable and enriching. Those who have published their work in their home country might be asked to provide a copy of their papers in English. Researchers who are serious about seeking employment opportunities in LA contact a local translation company and find out how they can get those documents translated. They will ask the prospective employers about the documents they are required to submit so that they do not experience delays in the employment process. They will scan and email their research papers along with the supplementary documents to a representative at the translation. They also try to find out how long it takes for the translators to prepare the certified translations.

Researchers who have the certified translation of their publications work diligently on the other parts of their application. When they are ready to submit their employment application they include the certified translations. While getting top-quality translations for the required documents does not guarantee researchers a position at a university, it often does impact the hiring managers’ decision. For example, a researcher from France who has made breakthrough discovery in the field of medicine might increase their chances of acceptance if the school in Los Angeles sees that the paper was published in a high-profile journal in France. While the publication is in the French language the researcher can have a professional translator who specializes in medicine to translate the paper to English. The translators at CACFTI are willing to translate the publications researchers need in order to be considered for employment opportunities in Los Angeles universities. Researchers who are applying to a private university such as Pepperdine or public schools such as CSU Los Angeles are welcome to contact us about our certified document translation services.

We can translate papers that researchers have written in their native language and published in their home country. We have a large database of well-qualified translators and will select a professional whose background best matches the content of your research papers. As a translation company based in Los Angeles we can translate all the documents that you need to send to a local university. We can mail the hard copies to multiple schools so please let us know if you are applying to multiple institutions.

What Does Court-Certified Translation Mean?

Lawyers in the United States who have never represented a client from a non-English speaking country might have a simple question in mind: what does court-certified translation mean? The question comes usually when they learn that they have to present a foreign-language document to a U.S. court. They wonder how they can get certified English translations for courts so that they can use the documents they need in court. A court-certified translation is one that has been completed by a translator who has been approved by the legal system of the state. Court-certified or registered translators have met certain requirements and are allowed to translate documents that go to courts.

Such individuals are fluent in the language pair they work in and can translate both ways. They often have experience translating legal documents such as birth certificates, patents, business contracts, etc. When they complete the English translation of the documents they attach their certification to their work. The certification states that the person who performed the translation is a professional translator approved by courts and that the translation is true to the best of his/her knowledge. Translation companies will also stamp and seal the translator’s certification along with all the pages of the original documents as well as their translations. Law firms that would like to have many pages translated should try to contact a translation company as soon as possible to avoid paying rush fees. Attorneys who are handling a case that involves submitting a foreign-language document to a court in the United States should contact a translation company that offers court-certified translation services.

A court-certified translation has been prepared to satisfy the requirements of courts for non-English documents. CACFTI focuses on providing high-quality translations that lawyers need in order to present their best case in a court. We are very concerned about the accuracy of our work and proofread all documents before we submit them to our clients. We encourage lawyers, paralegals, and legal assistants to contact us regarding our professional translation services. A friendly representative can speak with you about the translation of your documents for courts. Please email us a copy of the documents you would like to have translated and we will get back to you with a quote. We will need to know that you are seeking certified translations for courts in order to provide the proper certification. Therefore, please kindly mention the purpose of the translation. If you have questions about what court-certified translations mean, you can contact us.

Can I Translate My Birth Certificate for USCIS?

For immigration purposes foreigners are expected to get their personal documents translated into English. Many individuals who were born in a non-English speaking have a birth certificate that was issued in a foreign language. They wonder whether their own translations are acceptable for USCIS. They ask whether they can skip searching for a company that offers certified translations for USCIS and perform the translation themselves. Any foreign-language document that is submitted with an immigration application must be accompanied by its certified translation. Certified translations are executed by professionals who are fluent in the source language as well as English.

They are neutral third parties who are committed to translating personal documents accurately. Translators who translate your documents also have to include their certification. The document states that the translation was done by a professional translator and the translation is true and correct to the best of the translator’s knowledge. Translation companies will also include their contact information and official stamp. Even if you are fluent in English you cannot translate your own birth certificate for immigration purposes. It is best to leave the task to an experienced translator who is familiar with the guidelines of immigration. Translations that are not done properly or are incomplete may cause delays in your application process. If you prefer to have a smooth experience with your application, we recommend that you get your personal documents translated by a reputable translation company. Translators who have strong communication skills and have experience translating many documents for immigrants can take your birth certificate.

They will translate the document and attach the translation to their certification. Immigrants in Los Angeles who are interested in having a professional translate their birth certificate and other personal documents can contact a local translation company. CACFTI has simplified matters for immigrants who are seeking certified translation services for USCIS. We have translated birth certificates for many individuals who were born in foreign countries and needed to have their personal documents translated into English for immigration purposes. If you have an immigration matter that requires you to get a document translated from a foreign language into English, please get in touch with us. We are expert in providing certified document translation services. We know the requirements of immigration for foreign-language documents. We have translated many birth certificates into English and are ready to take yours. We offer certified translations for USCIS and support all the major world languages.

Certified Translation of Diplomas in Los Angeles

Students who have earned a diploma in a non-English speaking country and are interested in pursuing a more advanced degree in Los Angeles usually have a checklist from the school of their choice to complete. The checklist will outline all the documents the school needs in order to process the application of international students. Diplomas that were issued in a foreign language should be submitted to a company that offers academic document translation services. Schools in Los Angeles typically ask for the certified translation of diplomas and grade sheets. Some academic institutions have their own translators who take care of the translation of foreign-language diplomas.

Other educational institutions expect international applicants to render certified translation services and submit the translated documents along with their application. The certified translations will be an important factor that schools consider when they make an admissions decision. Diplomas that have been submitted in the original language without their English translations will be rejected. In some cases the applicant is rejected while in other cases the applicant will get a second chance to submit the proper documents. Students who contact professional translators often receive excellent translations that are attached to their official certification. Many universities and graduate schools would like to see the translator’s certification attached to the English translation. CACFTI is based in the wonderful city of Los Angeles and takes pride in its professional translation services for academic documents. We assign the translation of your academic documents to perfectionists who only produce high-quality translations.

Our services are perfect for students who have studied abroad and have obtained a degree that is printed in a language other than English. We can translate your academic documents including diplomas and transcripts from any of the world’s major languages into English. Our certified translations will bear our official stamp and seal so that the recipient knows where the translations are coming from. Whether you are looking to apply to a public university such as CSUN or a private school such as USC you can contact us if you need to have an academic document translated. We would be happy to review your diploma along with any other document that you would like to have translated in order to apply to a school in Los Angeles. We encourage you to scan and email us your documents for a quote. Additionally, you are welcome to ask any questions that you might have about our academic translation services. We are here to assist you so please contact us to learn more.

Translation of Emails Written in a Foreign Language

Courts in Los Angeles hear many cases that involve evidence written in a foreign language. Such documents are often critical to the outcome of the lawsuits. What do attorneys do when they take such cases? Larger law firms sometimes have their own translators available for cases that involve foreign-language documents. Other lawyers get in touch with a translation company in Los Angeles and request information about certified translation services. They might ask how long it takes the translator to complete the translation or how they can submit the documents for a quote. Companies in LA that have translated various types of documents for courts are aware that the translations must be completed by a court-certified translator. When they receive a request for certified document translation they ask whether the translations will be used in courts.

A common type of text that is used as evidence in courts is emails. Los Angeles is home to a large population of non-English speakers and immigrants who feel more comfortable writing in their native language. Such individuals often prefer to exchange emails in their native tongue when they communicate with parties who speak their language. If these emails matter to the case, the lawyers will submit the content to a translation company. Translation services providers with years of experience typically review the content of the emails and the volume. They assign the task to a translator who is familiar with the subject matter and can complete the translation by the client’s deadline. Translators who specialize in translation of legal documents understand that accuracy and ability to meet deadline are both very important. When they translate emails, they insert the timestamp, email addresses, and subject line so that the English-speaker can easily follow who said what. Before starting the translation process they consider the volume and try to pace themselves so that they do not miss the deadline.

They prepare the translations before the deadline so that the lawyers have the opportunity to review the translated documents before they head to court. CACFTI is a full-service translation company based in Los Angeles. We are ready to assist attorneys who need to have a document translated for courts. Our court-certified translations are attached to the translator’s declaration. You can be confident about presenting our translations to a court in Los Angeles or other counties in California because we have extensive experience translating legal documents. We are committed to performing top-quality translation services for all the major world languages. Please let us know if we can help you place an order for a court-certified translation.

How to Get a Patent Translated for Courts

Patent infringement lawsuits are usually lengthy due to the complexity of the cases. The cases are even more complex when a party from a non-English country decides to sue an American company in the United States. Lawyers who handle such cases need certified translations for courts in order to present the patents and related documents to U.S. courts. Intellectual property attorneys who have experience handling cases pertaining to a plaintiff from a foreign country understand the importance of assigning the task of patent translations to a well-qualified translator. They are familiar with the additional steps that they need to complete to fight the plaintiff. Anyone who is looking for a patent translator should consider why the document has to be translated.

Determining the purpose of the translation will often help you figure out how to get the patent translated. In order to get a patent translated you should determine whether you will settle the case outside of court or take the defendant to court. Documents for cases that are settled through mediation do not have to be translated by a court certified translator. They can be translated by a translator who is competent in the source language as well as in English. CACFTI provides both court-certified and non-certified translation services. Before we provide a quote for your documents we will need to know whether you will be submitting the translations to a court or not. Therefore, we highly recommend that you contact us when you know how you are planning to proceed with the lawsuit. On the other hand, if you think that the defendant is likely to settle the case outside of court you can simply request a non-certified translator.

We will make sure that the translator who completes the translation of your patents has relevant experience and is capable of translating legal documents accurately. We are dedicated to executing impeccable translations that will exceed our clients’ expectations. You can email us your patents and let us know your deadline. If you are going to take the plaintiff to a U.S. court you will need certified translations for courts. The party that has infringed patents will usually try to provide their own version of the translation. You might have to let them know that you would prefer to have your own translator deliver the translation of the patents in question. Patent infringement lawsuits against a foreign company can go more smoothly if you have the assistance of a reputable translation company.

Why Academic Translators Are Important

As the world becomes more connected more individuals travel to new places and study abroad. Academic translators play a significant role in making study abroad programs accessible to students who travel to countries whose official language is different from their native language. Translators who focus on academic document translation services translate transcripts and diplomas for students who are ready to continue their education abroad. They closely review the academic documents in the original language and try to come up with the right words in the target language so that the admissions offices in schools can easily understand the translations.

For example, a student from France who is planning to apply to a four-year university in Los Angeles such as UCLA will be asked to provide the certified translations of his/her academic records. Although some programs are only open to applicants who have completed their degree in a U.S. college, others take applications from international candidates. Academic translators are important to any student who is applying from France to an American school. Universities in the United States expect the French-language documents to be submitted to them along with their certified translations. They require a professional translator to complete the translations such that even students from France who speak English fluently cannot translate their own documents. Academic translators and their importance in international students’ application to U.S schools should not be overlooked. Only by removing language barriers students from non-English speaking countries can apply to schools in the United States. Professional translators with extensive experience in the field of academic document translation are ready to assist students from foreign countries who need a certified English translation to submit with their admissions application.

CACFTI hopes to help international students who need to have their academic documents translated into English. We provide certified document translation services for students from foreign countries who are ready to submit their applications to U.S. colleges and universities. We understand that the application process is time-consuming and a bit complicated for foreigners who are not familiar with the educational system in this country. We will do everything we can to make this part of your application easy. Therefore, if you need to have your school transcript and academic certificate translated from a foreign language into English please give us a call or email us. We are available to answer your questions about our academic document translation services. The importance of high-quality translations cannot be underestimated in your application process.

Certified Translation of Bank Statements

Investors from China who are interested in purchasing investment property in Los Angeles often need to show proof of sufficient funds in order to qualify for a loan. A document that most lenders require is the bank statements. Foreigners who have a bank statement in a foreign language will be asked to submit it along with a copy of the certified translation. Translation companies in Los Angeles that focus on the translation of financial documents can effectively execute the translation of bank statements. Documents that come from banks are often filled with tables and charts. They include text as well as numbers. Banks try to organize the information so that when their clients present them to third parties they can find the figures they need quickly.

Although this unwritten rule works very well for third parties, it complicates matters for translators. Translators have to take time to replicate the format. Companies in Los Angeles that offer certified translations have a lot of experience in translating bank statement. They are not intimidated with the language of bank statements. They are also familiar with formatting techniques that make the translations easy to follow. They possess strong computer skills, formatting the translated documents to closely match the original documents. They understand that banks in Los Angeles expect high-quality translations that clearly show the amounts of funds available in the account as well as other information. Translators who are proficient in Chinese and English can translate the financial documents that investors from China need to submit to banks in the United States. They rely on their knowledge and experience in the area of finance to translate each document so that the investors can present the certified translations with confidence to American banks. CACFTI can translate bank statements from foreign languages into English.

Our translators who are familiar with financial terminology are here to assist you if you need to have your bank statements translated into English for a bank in Los Angeles. We are aware that investors will have various documents to show to financial institutions in order to secure a loan and that the translation of their bank statements must be accurate. Therefore, we rely on professional translators to deliver high-quality translations to our clients. Investors from China who have statements from financial institutions such as China Trust Bank Corporation or any other bank in China can contact us about our certified Chinese to English translation services. As a company in Los Angeles that focuses on top-quality certified translations we can handle the translation of your bank statements.