Foreign Researchers at Los Angeles Universities

Researchers outside of the United States who move to Los Angeles with the intention of working temporarily at a university are often introduced to a new way of conducting research. Many of them find the experience invaluable and enriching. Those who have published their work in their home country might be asked to provide a copy of their papers in English. Researchers who are serious about seeking employment opportunities in LA contact a local translation company and find out how they can get those documents translated. They will ask the prospective employers about the documents they are required to submit so that they do not experience delays in the employment process. They will scan and email their research papers along with the supplementary documents to a representative at the translation. They also try to find out how long it takes for the translators to prepare the certified translations.

Researchers who have the certified translation of their publications work diligently on the other parts of their application. When they are ready to submit their employment application they include the certified translations. While getting top-quality translations for the required documents does not guarantee researchers a position at a university, it often does impact the hiring managers’ decision. For example, a researcher from France who has made breakthrough discovery in the field of medicine might increase their chances of acceptance if the school in Los Angeles sees that the paper was published in a high-profile journal in France. While the publication is in the French language the researcher can have a professional translator who specializes in medicine to translate the paper to English. The translators at CACFTI are willing to translate the publications researchers need in order to be considered for employment opportunities in Los Angeles universities. Researchers who are applying to a private university such as Pepperdine or public schools such as CSU Los Angeles are welcome to contact us about our certified document translation services.

We can translate papers that researchers have written in their native language and published in their home country. We have a large database of well-qualified translators and will select a professional whose background best matches the content of your research papers. As a translation company based in Los Angeles we can translate all the documents that you need to send to a local university. We can mail the hard copies to multiple schools so please let us know if you are applying to multiple institutions.

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