What Does Court-Certified Translation Mean?

Lawyers in the United States who have never represented a client from a non-English speaking country might have a simple question in mind: what does court-certified translation mean? The question comes usually when they learn that they have to present a foreign-language document to a U.S. court. They wonder how they can get certified English translations for courts so that they can use the documents they need in court. A court-certified translation is one that has been completed by a translator who has been approved by the legal system of the state. Court-certified or registered translators have met certain requirements and are allowed to translate documents that go to courts.

Such individuals are fluent in the language pair they work in and can translate both ways. They often have experience translating legal documents such as birth certificates, patents, business contracts, etc. When they complete the English translation of the documents they attach their certification to their work. The certification states that the person who performed the translation is a professional translator approved by courts and that the translation is true to the best of his/her knowledge. Translation companies will also stamp and seal the translator’s certification along with all the pages of the original documents as well as their translations. Law firms that would like to have many pages translated should try to contact a translation company as soon as possible to avoid paying rush fees. Attorneys who are handling a case that involves submitting a foreign-language document to a court in the United States should contact a translation company that offers court-certified translation services.

A court-certified translation has been prepared to satisfy the requirements of courts for non-English documents. CACFTI focuses on providing high-quality translations that lawyers need in order to present their best case in a court. We are very concerned about the accuracy of our work and proofread all documents before we submit them to our clients. We encourage lawyers, paralegals, and legal assistants to contact us regarding our professional translation services. A friendly representative can speak with you about the translation of your documents for courts. Please email us a copy of the documents you would like to have translated and we will get back to you with a quote. We will need to know that you are seeking certified translations for courts in order to provide the proper certification. Therefore, please kindly mention the purpose of the translation. If you have questions about what court-certified translations mean, you can contact us.

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