Can I Translate My Birth Certificate for USCIS?

For immigration purposes foreigners are expected to get their personal documents translated into English. Many individuals who were born in a non-English speaking have a birth certificate that was issued in a foreign language. They wonder whether their own translations are acceptable for USCIS. They ask whether they can skip searching for a company that offers certified translations for USCIS and perform the translation themselves. Any foreign-language document that is submitted with an immigration application must be accompanied by its certified translation. Certified translations are executed by professionals who are fluent in the source language as well as English.

They are neutral third parties who are committed to translating personal documents accurately. Translators who translate your documents also have to include their certification. The document states that the translation was done by a professional translator and the translation is true and correct to the best of the translator’s knowledge. Translation companies will also include their contact information and official stamp. Even if you are fluent in English you cannot translate your own birth certificate for immigration purposes. It is best to leave the task to an experienced translator who is familiar with the guidelines of immigration. Translations that are not done properly or are incomplete may cause delays in your application process. If you prefer to have a smooth experience with your application, we recommend that you get your personal documents translated by a reputable translation company. Translators who have strong communication skills and have experience translating many documents for immigrants can take your birth certificate.

They will translate the document and attach the translation to their certification. Immigrants in Los Angeles who are interested in having a professional translate their birth certificate and other personal documents can contact a local translation company. CACFTI has simplified matters for immigrants who are seeking certified translation services for USCIS. We have translated birth certificates for many individuals who were born in foreign countries and needed to have their personal documents translated into English for immigration purposes. If you have an immigration matter that requires you to get a document translated from a foreign language into English, please get in touch with us. We are expert in providing certified document translation services. We know the requirements of immigration for foreign-language documents. We have translated many birth certificates into English and are ready to take yours. We offer certified translations for USCIS and support all the major world languages.

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