Certified Translation of Diplomas in Los Angeles

Students who have earned a diploma in a non-English speaking country and are interested in pursuing a more advanced degree in Los Angeles usually have a checklist from the school of their choice to complete. The checklist will outline all the documents the school needs in order to process the application of international students. Diplomas that were issued in a foreign language should be submitted to a company that offers academic document translation services. Schools in Los Angeles typically ask for the certified translation of diplomas and grade sheets. Some academic institutions have their own translators who take care of the translation of foreign-language diplomas.

Other educational institutions expect international applicants to render certified translation services and submit the translated documents along with their application. The certified translations will be an important factor that schools consider when they make an admissions decision. Diplomas that have been submitted in the original language without their English translations will be rejected. In some cases the applicant is rejected while in other cases the applicant will get a second chance to submit the proper documents. Students who contact professional translators often receive excellent translations that are attached to their official certification. Many universities and graduate schools would like to see the translator’s certification attached to the English translation. CACFTI is based in the wonderful city of Los Angeles and takes pride in its professional translation services for academic documents. We assign the translation of your academic documents to perfectionists who only produce high-quality translations.

Our services are perfect for students who have studied abroad and have obtained a degree that is printed in a language other than English. We can translate your academic documents including diplomas and transcripts from any of the world’s major languages into English. Our certified translations will bear our official stamp and seal so that the recipient knows where the translations are coming from. Whether you are looking to apply to a public university such as CSUN or a private school such as USC you can contact us if you need to have an academic document translated. We would be happy to review your diploma along with any other document that you would like to have translated in order to apply to a school in Los Angeles. We encourage you to scan and email us your documents for a quote. Additionally, you are welcome to ask any questions that you might have about our academic translation services. We are here to assist you so please contact us to learn more.

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