Translation of Emails Written in a Foreign Language

Courts in Los Angeles hear many cases that involve evidence written in a foreign language. Such documents are often critical to the outcome of the lawsuits. What do attorneys do when they take such cases? Larger law firms sometimes have their own translators available for cases that involve foreign-language documents. Other lawyers get in touch with a translation company in Los Angeles and request information about certified translation services. They might ask how long it takes the translator to complete the translation or how they can submit the documents for a quote. Companies in LA that have translated various types of documents for courts are aware that the translations must be completed by a court-certified translator. When they receive a request for certified document translation they ask whether the translations will be used in courts.

A common type of text that is used as evidence in courts is emails. Los Angeles is home to a large population of non-English speakers and immigrants who feel more comfortable writing in their native language. Such individuals often prefer to exchange emails in their native tongue when they communicate with parties who speak their language. If these emails matter to the case, the lawyers will submit the content to a translation company. Translation services providers with years of experience typically review the content of the emails and the volume. They assign the task to a translator who is familiar with the subject matter and can complete the translation by the client’s deadline. Translators who specialize in translation of legal documents understand that accuracy and ability to meet deadline are both very important. When they translate emails, they insert the timestamp, email addresses, and subject line so that the English-speaker can easily follow who said what. Before starting the translation process they consider the volume and try to pace themselves so that they do not miss the deadline.

They prepare the translations before the deadline so that the lawyers have the opportunity to review the translated documents before they head to court. CACFTI is a full-service translation company based in Los Angeles. We are ready to assist attorneys who need to have a document translated for courts. Our court-certified translations are attached to the translator’s declaration. You can be confident about presenting our translations to a court in Los Angeles or other counties in California because we have extensive experience translating legal documents. We are committed to performing top-quality translation services for all the major world languages. Please let us know if we can help you place an order for a court-certified translation.

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