How to Get a Patent Translated for Courts

Patent infringement lawsuits are usually lengthy due to the complexity of the cases. The cases are even more complex when a party from a non-English country decides to sue an American company in the United States. Lawyers who handle such cases need certified translations for courts in order to present the patents and related documents to U.S. courts. Intellectual property attorneys who have experience handling cases pertaining to a plaintiff from a foreign country understand the importance of assigning the task of patent translations to a well-qualified translator. They are familiar with the additional steps that they need to complete to fight the plaintiff. Anyone who is looking for a patent translator should consider why the document has to be translated.

Determining the purpose of the translation will often help you figure out how to get the patent translated. In order to get a patent translated you should determine whether you will settle the case outside of court or take the defendant to court. Documents for cases that are settled through mediation do not have to be translated by a court certified translator. They can be translated by a translator who is competent in the source language as well as in English. CACFTI provides both court-certified and non-certified translation services. Before we provide a quote for your documents we will need to know whether you will be submitting the translations to a court or not. Therefore, we highly recommend that you contact us when you know how you are planning to proceed with the lawsuit. On the other hand, if you think that the defendant is likely to settle the case outside of court you can simply request a non-certified translator.

We will make sure that the translator who completes the translation of your patents has relevant experience and is capable of translating legal documents accurately. We are dedicated to executing impeccable translations that will exceed our clients’ expectations. You can email us your patents and let us know your deadline. If you are going to take the plaintiff to a U.S. court you will need certified translations for courts. The party that has infringed patents will usually try to provide their own version of the translation. You might have to let them know that you would prefer to have your own translator deliver the translation of the patents in question. Patent infringement lawsuits against a foreign company can go more smoothly if you have the assistance of a reputable translation company.

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