Why Academic Translators Are Important

As the world becomes more connected more individuals travel to new places and study abroad. Academic translators play a significant role in making study abroad programs accessible to students who travel to countries whose official language is different from their native language. Translators who focus on academic document translation services translate transcripts and diplomas for students who are ready to continue their education abroad. They closely review the academic documents in the original language and try to come up with the right words in the target language so that the admissions offices in schools can easily understand the translations.

For example, a student from France who is planning to apply to a four-year university in Los Angeles such as UCLA will be asked to provide the certified translations of his/her academic records. Although some programs are only open to applicants who have completed their degree in a U.S. college, others take applications from international candidates. Academic translators are important to any student who is applying from France to an American school. Universities in the United States expect the French-language documents to be submitted to them along with their certified translations. They require a professional translator to complete the translations such that even students from France who speak English fluently cannot translate their own documents. Academic translators and their importance in international students’ application to U.S schools should not be overlooked. Only by removing language barriers students from non-English speaking countries can apply to schools in the United States. Professional translators with extensive experience in the field of academic document translation are ready to assist students from foreign countries who need a certified English translation to submit with their admissions application.

CACFTI hopes to help international students who need to have their academic documents translated into English. We provide certified document translation services for students from foreign countries who are ready to submit their applications to U.S. colleges and universities. We understand that the application process is time-consuming and a bit complicated for foreigners who are not familiar with the educational system in this country. We will do everything we can to make this part of your application easy. Therefore, if you need to have your school transcript and academic certificate translated from a foreign language into English please give us a call or email us. We are available to answer your questions about our academic document translation services. The importance of high-quality translations cannot be underestimated in your application process.

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