Certified Translation of Bank Statements

Investors from China who are interested in purchasing investment property in Los Angeles often need to show proof of sufficient funds in order to qualify for a loan. A document that most lenders require is the bank statements. Foreigners who have a bank statement in a foreign language will be asked to submit it along with a copy of the certified translation. Translation companies in Los Angeles that focus on the translation of financial documents can effectively execute the translation of bank statements. Documents that come from banks are often filled with tables and charts. They include text as well as numbers. Banks try to organize the information so that when their clients present them to third parties they can find the figures they need quickly.

Although this unwritten rule works very well for third parties, it complicates matters for translators. Translators have to take time to replicate the format. Companies in Los Angeles that offer certified translations have a lot of experience in translating bank statement. They are not intimidated with the language of bank statements. They are also familiar with formatting techniques that make the translations easy to follow. They possess strong computer skills, formatting the translated documents to closely match the original documents. They understand that banks in Los Angeles expect high-quality translations that clearly show the amounts of funds available in the account as well as other information. Translators who are proficient in Chinese and English can translate the financial documents that investors from China need to submit to banks in the United States. They rely on their knowledge and experience in the area of finance to translate each document so that the investors can present the certified translations with confidence to American banks. CACFTI can translate bank statements from foreign languages into English.

Our translators who are familiar with financial terminology are here to assist you if you need to have your bank statements translated into English for a bank in Los Angeles. We are aware that investors will have various documents to show to financial institutions in order to secure a loan and that the translation of their bank statements must be accurate. Therefore, we rely on professional translators to deliver high-quality translations to our clients. Investors from China who have statements from financial institutions such as China Trust Bank Corporation or any other bank in China can contact us about our certified Chinese to English translation services. As a company in Los Angeles that focuses on top-quality certified translations we can handle the translation of your bank statements.

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