Do I Need a Court-Certified Translation?

Not every legal document has to be translated by a court-certified translator. Likewise, documents in areas other than law do not necessarily have to be translated by non-certified translators. Many people wonder whether they need a certified translation or a non-certified one. They contact us puzzled over the difference between the two. They wonder why one is more expensive than the other. They also ask which languages we cover. In order to determine whether you need a court-certified translation or a non-certified one you must consider the purpose of the translation. Are you taking the translation to a court? Are you using the translations for any other purpose? In general, individuals who wish to submit a foreign-language document to courts must have a court-certified translator execute the translation of the document.

Translators who have the proper qualifications and experience translating documents for legal purposes are familiar with the standard procedure. They translate the document and review their work before submitting it to the client. They also prepare a certification and attach it to the translation. They understand that courts require translation of foreign-language documents to be accompanied by the translator’s declaration. California Center for Translation & Interpretation wants its clients to know that the quality of its certified translation services is unmatched. We rely on legal translators with extensive experience to translate your documents from foreign languages into English. We focus on providing top-quality translations and customer support. Our court-certified translators are available to translate the documents that you are planning to use in courts. We will attach a copy of the original documents to their translations along with the court-certified or registered translator’s certification so that your translations meet the standards of courts. As mentioned above, your translations must be court-certified only if you are going to use the translated documents in a court.

If you still have questions about getting your documents translated or you are not sure whether you need a court-certified translation, please speak with a customer service specialist. Please let us know if you would like to have multiple copies of the certified translation. We can prepare additional copies of certified translations upon request. You can keep one for your own records, if you would like. We might ask you a few questions to help us determine whether you need certified translations for courts. You can email us to get a quick quote. We can translate documents from Farsi, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Arabic, Romanian, etc into English.

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