Getting a Certified Translation for USCIS: Do’s and Don’ts

Immigrants who have visited the official website of USCIS are aware that they need to submit their foreign-language documents in English. They should follow the guidelines of immigration when they are preparing their applications. Below are a few points to keep in mind when you are working on the application that you are planning to submit to USCIS:

-Do scan and email us all the documents you would like to have translated into English.
-Do let us know when your deadline is.
-Do let us know that you need the translations for immigration purposes so that we certify the translations.

-Do not try to get a non certified translation when you have been asked to provide a certified translation. We receive many calls from individuals who ask whether it is acceptable for them to submit a non certified translation to the immigration office. The USCIS is very clear about its expectations. They want the translations to be completed by a professional translator and attached to the translator’s original certification. Therefore, you must seek certified translations for USCIS if you have a foreign-language document that you will be presenting to immigration authorities.
-Do not wait until the last minute to get your documents translated. Although our company can handle rush orders rush fees may apply. In order to avoid paying additional fees to get a quicker turnaround we suggest that you do not contact us right before you are ready to submit your application. We offer quick turnarounds on our rush service. However, we prefer to translate documents that are placed on regular service.
-Do not ask us which documents you have to submit with your application. We do not provide legal advice. We do not have any information about the documents your specific application requires. We will only translate the documents that you send us so please be sure to check the requirements of USCIS before sending us your paperwork.

California Center for Translation & Interpretation is looking to serve anyone who wants a certified translation. With our quality control process and dedicated team of translators who work hard to translate your documents accurately we are ready to take care of your translation needs. Preparing certified translations for USCIS is very simple for us. We specialize in translating documents from foreign languages into English for immigration purposes. We can also translate and certify documents for any other organization that expects certified translation. Please let us know if we can help you with the certified translation of a document.

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