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Translation of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)

Medical offices and hospitals often require their staff members to sign a non-disclosure agreement because they have access to their patients’ private information.

Translation of Non-Disclosure Agreements for Medical Offices

They want to make sure that their patients’ personal information and medical records are maintained confidential. If the team members do not speak English, such facilities commonly provide a translation of the agreement so that the non-English speaking party can understand the content. We can translate confidentiality agreements, patient’s consent forms, medical reports, and surgical policies from English to foreign languages and vice versa. Our translators who are familiar with terminology related to the medical and legal fields can effectively handle the translation of your documents.

Translating Non-Disclosure Agreements for Law Offices

Lawyers and other professionals that work in law firms and the legal division of organizations in various industries often handle sensitive information. Therefore, they usually have a template for a non-disclosure agreement on their files. Their clients might need to keep information pertaining to their case confidential. Legal professionals commonly provide a copy of the agreement to parties that receive sensitive information, and if the parties do not speak English they provide a translation as well. Our translators who specialize in the translation of non-disclosure agreements possess strong knowledge of the legal field and have experience translating such documents for law offices and the legal department of other organizations.

Translating of NDA’s for Technology Companies

Employers that need to provide copyrighted material and trade secrets to new employees usually require them to sign a non-disclosure agreement. They ask newly hired individuals to sign such documents to protect their intellectual property rights and prevent the unauthorized use and disclosure of their valuable information and trade secrets. If you need to have a non-disclosure agreement to be translated for your new employees, please get in touch with us. Our translators who specialize in the translation of non-disclosure agreements would love to have the opportunity to assist you.

Professional Translations of Confidentiality Agreements for Service Providers

Companies that want to hire a service provider often need to disclose confidential material to receive the required service. Before assigning the task to the service providers, they usually ask them to sign a non-disclosure agreement and acknowledge that they have read and understood the content. If the service provider does not speak English, they usually provide a translation to make sure the service provider understands the terms of the agreement before signing. We can translate agreements for your service providers. Please contact us for more information.

Translation of NDA’s by CACFTI

California Center for Translation & Interpretation can translate legal documents such as non-disclosure agreements, business contracts, summons, notices, and leases from English to foreign languages and vice versa. Non-disclosure agreements typically have a clause regarding proprietary information and how the receiving party needs to treat protected data. Usually they permit the receiving party to use the confidential information as necessary for the purpose. They usually disallow the removal or alteration of confidential information. Our translators who translate non-disclosure agreements recognize that they need to understand all the clauses including the one pertaining to confidential information and translate all the text properly. They possess advanced knowledge of legal terminology related to non-disclosure agreements and non-public information. Please email your documents to for a quote. We look forward to assisting you with the translation of your legal documents.

Certified Translation of Arabic Birth Certificates

Professional Translation of Arabic Birth Certificates and Records

If you were born in an Arabic speaking country and you have moved to the United States, you might be looking for a professional translation of your Arabic language birth certificate or birth record. If you are applying to a school or submitting your personal information to an employer, you might need to present an official or professional translation of your birth certificate. Likewise, if you are completing an application for USCIS, you might need to present a professional translation of your personal documents including birth certificate. Please contact us if you are need a professional translation of your Arabic language birth registration document.

Certified and Notarized Translation of Arabic Birth Certificates

We can provide a certified translation of Arabic birth certificates. If you need the translation to be notarized too, please mention that when you contact us. A translation that is attached to a notary public’s acknowledgment is called a notarized translation. In some cases a certified translation is sufficient. In certain cases, notarization might be required too. Please let us know what your exact requirements are when you contact us.

Translating Birth Certificates from Arabic to English for USCIS

Immigrants from Arabic-speaking countries who are in the process of applying for citizenship or requesting a visa for a family member usually seek Arabic translation services for the documents that they have to submit to the USCIS. Immigration authorities require such individuals to submit a copy of their personal documents showing their relationship to the person who seeks a visa. Birth certificates issued in Arabic-speaking countries often contain detailed information about a person’s family members. If you need your birth certificate to be translated from Arabic to English for USCIS, please get in touch with us. Our translators have translated many birth certificates and other personal documents for USCIS and would love to have the opportunity to assist you too.

What Are the Steps for Translating a Birth Certificate?

Please make sure you have the right document. Once you are sure that you have the right document, please scan the birth certificate or take a picture of it with your phone. Please double check the image to make sure text has not been cut off on the sides and the text is clear for us to read. Once the electronic copy is ready, please email it to You can also send us the spellings of names as they appear on your official English language documents. If you have a specific deadline in mind, please let us know.

What If I Already Have a Translation Completed Abroad?

If you already have a translation that was done abroad, you might have to get a translation from a service provider in the United States depending on the requirements of the recipient. Some translations that are done abroad can get rejected in the United States because they do not meet certain requirements. Likewise, if translators abroad fail to convert dates properly or summarize the information instead of providing a word-for-word translation you might experience issues. Sometimes those translations are not acceptable for certain purposes in the United States. Please check with the recipient to make sure they accept the translation you have. If they do not accept your translation, please get in touch with us.

CACFTI’s Experience in Translating Arabic Birth Certificates

The translation of an important document such as a birth certificate from Arabic to English requires the expertise of an experienced translator. All of our translators who handle the translation of birth certificates have extensive experience in the translation of birth certificates. We can translate birth certificates from various countries including Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, and Bahrain from Arabic to English. Our translators have years of experience under their belt and are familiar with the language used in birth certificates from many Arabic speaking countries. Their focus on professional Arabic translation has enabled them to work efficiently throughout the process. Once we have completed the translation of a birth record, we offer our client the opportunity to review the translation before we prepare the official copy. Arabic names can be spelled in a few different ways in English. Hence, our clients would have to let us know how their names are spelled on their other legal documents.

Translating Academic Documents from Arabic to English

Translation of high school diplomas and transcripts from Arabic to English

A high school diploma is usually a 1-page document that represents one’s completion of the requirements for graduation from high school. Students who have earned a diploma from a high school in an Arabic-speaking country and wish to attend a college or university in the United States often have to submit a certified English translation of their diploma to the admissions office. They might need Arabic translation services for their academic transcripts too. Academic transcripts typically mention the student’s full name, the courses they have taken, their grade, and school year. If you need to have your diploma and/or transcripts translated from Arabic to English, please get in touch with us.

Translation of college and university diplomas and transcripts

Like high schools colleges and universities issue degrees and academic transcripts. Colleges and universities around the world usually include the students’ personal information, the degree they pursued, and official stamps of the institutions. If you attended a college or a university in an Arabic speaking country such as Saudi Arabia or Kuwait and you need to have your documents translated into English for a school in the United States, please get in touch with us. We have extensive experience translating diplomas, school records, and research papers from Arabic to English.

Translation of letters of recommendation from Arabic to English

Educational institutions often require applicants to submit a letter of recommendation from their former instructors, supervisors, or employers. International candidates from non-English speaking countries that have their letters of recommendation in a foreign language are typically required to submit those documents along with their English translations. If you studied and/or worked in an Arabic speaking country and would like to have your letter of recommendation translated for a school in the United States, please contact us. We have translated many documents from Arabic to English and would love to have the opportunity to assist you too.

Certified translation of bank statements from Arabic speaking countries

When schools in the United States review applications from international candidates they also want to know whether the applicants have the financial ability to cover the expenses of their education. International applicants commonly submit bank statements and other documents that serve as proof of their ability to pay for their living expenses while they study in the United States. If you have a bank statement that needs to be translated from Arabic to English for admissions, please get in touch with us. We can translate your bank statements, pay stubs, and other documents that the school has requested. If you need the currencies to be changed to USD, please let us know too.

Official translation of ID cards and passports

Educational institutions in the United States might ask international applicants to submit a copy of their ID card and passport in order to verify their personal information. If your ID is in the Arabic language you will need to render Arabic to English translation services. Please email us your ID card, passport, or any other document that the school has requested to verify your identity. We have translated many ID cards, passports, birth certificates, and other documents from Arabic to English. Please be ready to provide the spellings of names that appear on your personal documents.

Translation of school websites, pamphlets, brochures, etc. for international applicants

Admissions offices in American universities might need their website, pamphlets, brochures, and other material translated into foreign languages for international candidates. Students from the Middle East and North Africa who review the information might feel more comfortable with the Arabic translation. Academic advisors who wish to provide the information in various languages including Arabic can reach out to us. We can translate the content on your website and any other information you would like to provide to Arabic speaking visitors.

How is the translation executed?

Our Arabic translators who are experts in academic document translations often interpret the meaning of the words they are asked to translate. They examine the texts before translating the Arabic words into English. Since this language is written from right to left as opposed to English, which is read from left to right, the translator has to plan how to fit the translated content at the beginning of the translation process. Such factors are essential to the delivery of a translation that is easy to read and understand. Once the translation is ready, we will email you a copy to review. If the American school requires the translation to be forwarded to them directly you can provide their email address. Please email your documents to for a quote.

Certified Translation of Contracts and Agreements

  1. Translation of Business Contracts
  2. Certified Translation of Premarital Agreements
  3. Professional Translation of Lease Agreements
  4. Translation of Licensing Agreements
  5. Translation of Attorney-Client Contingency Fee Contract

Translation of Business Contracts

Are you looking for a translator who can translate your business contracts? You have come to the right place! We have extensive experience in the translation of business related documents including contracts, bills of sale, invoices, privacy policies, tax returns, bylaws, articles of incorporation, employee handbooks, etc. Law firms in many cities in the United States often deal with issues related to contracts and agreements between parties. Sometimes the defendants have failed to fulfill part of their obligations. In other cases the defendants question the validity of the contract. Business and corporate attorneys often help their clients draft contract and present them in court in cases of dispute or disagreement. If the document is in a foreign language they can contact us regarding our professional translation services. Our translators who specialize in business contracts know terminology related to business and management and can help you.

Certified Translation of Premarital Agreements

Family law offices often help their clients draft premarital agreements. In some cases one of the parties is a non-English speaker so the prenuptial agreement needs to be translated into their native language. Such agreements often contain the personal information of the couple, the effective date, and details of the assets the parties hold. The agreement might also include a clause about any amendments or alterations that can be made. Couples that need to have a premarital agreement translated need to decide whether they want the translation to be completed by a court approved translator or not. Please get in touch with us if you need to have a premarital agreement translated. We have translated many agreements and would be happy to assist you too.

Professional Translation of Lease Agreements

When landlords rent out a property to a tenant they usually have the tenant sign a lease agreement. If the tenant does not speak English they provide a translation so that the tenant can understand the terms and conditions of the lease they are signing. A rental agreement might include information such as the location of the property, the lease term, the amount of rent due, and late fees. If any disputes arise the parties will need to use the document and its translation in court. If you have a lease or rental agreement and you need to translate it into a foreign language and you think that you might need to use the translation in court at some point please contact us and let us know that you might be using the translation in court. We can translate expense statements, legal notices, leases, letters, tenant rules, rental agreements, occupancy agreements, floor plans, etc.

Translation of Licensing Agreements

Licensors usually use licensing agreements to grant licensors access to their intellectual property. Such agreements often include a non-compete clause and information about payment of royalty. Parties that intend to use a foreign language licensing agreement in a court in the United States need to get it translated into English by a court approved translator. A translator who handles the translation of a licensing agreement has to be very accurate and translate the terms, dates, and all the other information correctly. Licensing agreements, technology-related contracts, and trade secret policies are important documents and as such have to be translated by experienced translators. California Center for Translation & Interpretation relies on the ample experience of professional translators to translate licensing agreements. We can translate licensing agreements from and into English.

Translation of Attorney-Client Retainer Agreements

Attorney-client retainer agreements establish the ground rules for the attorney-client relationship. They might outline the scope of services and the client’s responsibilities and duties. They might also lay out the financial terms and conditions such as billing rate costs, initial advanced deposit, and other charges as well as how disputes will be settled. Before the parties enter into an agreement with an attorney, they will need to make sure that they understand its terms and conditions. If the agreement is in a language they do not understand they can render the services of a professional legal translator. We can translate attorney-client retainer agreements and other legal documents you need for your case. Please contact us for more information.

Translation of Agreements and Contracts for Court Use

When a foreign language agreement or contract is presented in a court in the United States it needs to be attached to a certified translation. In such cases law firms can seek the assistance of a company that offers certified translations for courts. For this purpose they would need a translation that has been executed by a professional translator who satisfies the requirements of the court. Agreements are important legal documents that can be used in courts. Even contracts that have been drafted in a foreign country in a non-English language can be translated into English and used in the United States. Sometimes parties that live in the United States are not fluent in English and prefer to read and sign the document in their native language. Technology and globalization have dramatically changed the way disagreements are handled. Through Internet contracts can be sent to parties anywhere in the world. In addition, with the assistance of translators agreements can be translated into various languages. California Center for Translation & Interpretation can provide a certified translation of agreements and contracts. Our translators who translate legal documents possess excellent translation skills and knowledge of terminology related to contracts. If you need to use the translation in court please let us know so we submit the translation with a certification that includes the translator’s name and signature.

Our Experience with Translation of Agreement and Contracts

CACFTI is committed to translating your contracts from foreign languages to English with keen attention to details. We have translated many types of documents including agreements, legal notices, MOU, and contracts, and subcontracts. We can also translate such documents from English to foreign languages. Many lawyers rely on us for the translation of their documents for legal use. We have received positive feedback from many clients who have rendered our professional translation services. Many professionals in the legal industry contact us regarding their translation needs. We suggest that you contact us if you are planning to submit a foreign-language contract or other documents to a court. We can also provide non-certified translations of your legal documents if the translation is just for your internal use. You can email us your documents for a quote. We look forward to hearing from you!

Certified Translation of Farsi Divorce Documents

California Center for Translation & Interpretation has ample experience in the translation of legal documents including divorce decrees and judgments. We can translate documents for family lawyers, individuals who need their divorce papers translate for their second marriage, and others who need such translations for other purposes. We support many languages including Farsi, Dari, Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, and Hindi. We provide certified translation services for divorce documents and look forward to hearing from you regarding your translation needs. Our legal translators who are familiar with language related to family law and divorce process are can assist you with your translation needs. For quick assistance, you can send your documents to

What Information Does A Farsi Divorce Certificate Contain?

Farsi divorce certificates typically mention the personal information of the party filing for divorce and the party that is being divorced as well as the details of the office that registered the divorce. A divorce decree issued in Iran also might include the conditions of the divorce and the names of the lawyers that represent the parties. The document might also list names of witnesses and references. They commonly carry the signature and official seal of the head of the divorce registration office and the names of the divorce executors. The best translators usually have worked on divorce documents from various provinces such as Tehran, Shiraz, and Isfahan and possess the skills required to translate legal documents from the Persian language into English.

Best Translators for Iranian Divorce Decrees

At California Center for Translation & Interpretation, we focus on delivering the best translations. You can count on us for all of your translation needs whether you have a Farsi divorce decree for USCIS or a court order for your attorney. We can translate marriage and divorce certificates from Farsi to English. Our Farsi translators possess advanced knowledge of Persian and English. They can effectively handle the toughest texts. Translating a divorce decree from Iran requires strong translation skills and knowledge of legal terminology that our translators have. We hope you consider us if you are looking for the best translators for your Farsi-language documents.

A Checklist for USCIS Translations

__Did you check with a professional to make sure you are translating the right documents?

__Did you scan all the pages properly so the text has not been cut off on any of the sides?

__Did you contact a translation services provider that offers certified translations for USCIS?

__Did you provide the proper spelling of all names so the English translation is consistent with your other legal documents?

__Did you get a translation that satisfies the guidelines of USCIS?

Compliance with the Relevant Rules

The translation of foreign language documents can be submitted to various organizations including courts, USCIS, universities, and hospitals. Please let us know if you are planning to present the translation in a court so that we certify the translation for court use. It is very important to translate foreign language documents in accordance with the requirements of the recipient. Failure to comply with the rules can result in the rejection of your translation. We have translated many documents for lawyers and other parties that have used our translations for various purposes. We will be pleased to have the opportunity to help you too. Please be prepared to provide the spellings of names and dates so we can make sure in the translation they match your other legal documents.

Translating Divorce Documents and Birth Certificates for US Immigration

You can rely on our professional Farsi translators for the translation of your divorce and birth certificates for US immigration matters. Our Farsi to English specialists has translated many official documents for visa applications. We can also translate academic and medical documents. If you need to translate your diplomas and vaccination records too, please feel free to contact us. Please be sure to mention that you will be using the translation for USCIS.

How to Get Your Certified Translation at CACFTI

You can get a certified translation for your Farsi documents by scanning and emailing a copy of the documents to If you do not have access to a scanner you can take a picture with your phone and then email them to us. Please make sure the pictures are clear and all the text is legible. We do not need the original copy to provide the translation. A photocopy of your Persian-language documents is sufficient. We have translated many documents including Iranian divorce decrees, birth certificates, and marriage licenses for USCIS. We will be happy to assist you too! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you any questions regarding our legal translation services for Farsi. We can also translate your English language documents into Farsi. If you are planning to provide the Farsi translation of an English document to a Farsi speaker please get in touch with us.