Certified English Translations for USCIS

If you are completing a visa application or trying to adjust your status, you might be looking for certified translation services. We can help you with that. We can translate many types of documents from Spanish to English for USCIS. We have translated dozens of birth certificates, marriage certificates, and divorce papers from various Spanish speaking countries.

Spanish to English translation for USCIS

We can also translate medical records and reports for individuals who intend to visit the United States for medical tourism purposes. If your medical records or doctor’s notes are in the Spanish language and you need to have them translated into English, please get in touch with us. We have experience translating medical notes and records from Spanish to English. We have translated documents from medical offices and hospitals in Spanish speaking countries.

French to English translation for USCIS

We can translate French language documents into English and certify the translation for USCIS. F-1 visa applicants who hold their personal and academic documents in French can contact us regarding our French to English translation services. If you intend to start or continue your education in the US and you would like to get your academic documents translated into English, please get in touch with us. We can translate your school documents for F-1 visa applications. We have a lot of experience translating high school diplomas, college transcripts, university degrees, research papers, and other similar documents from French to English. Whether you obtained a degree from a high school, college, business school, law school, or school of medicine we can assist you.

German to English translation for USCIS

We can translate various documents from German to English. If you are filing Form I-130 and need your personal documents to be translated to show kinship, please get in touch with us. We can translate birth certificate, family registries, divorce certificates, and marriage licenses from German to English. We have extensive experience in the translation of personal and legal documents from German to English for law offices and individuals working on their own visa application. Our German translators are committed to delivering high-quality translations. They are fluent in both English and German and can translate documents for USCIS purposes. We can translate German documents for immigration law firms, immigration consultants, and others who need certified English translations for USCIS.

Russian to English translation for US Immigration

We can translate bank statements, invoices, receipts, titles, and deeds from Russian to English. If you need to show your financial ability to cover your living expenses while you are in the United States and have gathered all the documents you need to have translated, please get in touch with us. We can translate your financial statements and other supporting documents from Russian to English. Our Russian to English translators are highly familiar with the language used in financial and legal documents. They do their best to capture the meaning of the original text in their translations. Once the translation is done, you will receive a copy to review and approve and then we will provide the certified copy you can submit to USCIS.

Translation of Chinese documents to English for USCIS

We can provide certified translations of business licenses, profit and loss statements, articles of incorporation, leases, pay stubs, etc. If you intend to apply for a visa for business related activities and you have been asked to provide a certified English translation of your Chinese language documents, please get in touch with us. We can translate documents from traditional or simplified Chinese. We have translated a lot of business related documents from Chinese to English for organizations in various industries. We have completed a lot of translations for immigration law offices in the United States.

Certified translations for USCIS by CACFTI

California Center for Translation & Interpretation has translated dozens of documents from foreign languages to English for USCIS. We have translated many types of documents for immigration lawyers and others who were in need of certified translations for USCIS. We can translate birth certificates, business licenses, financial statements, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, medical records, and academic degrees. We support many languages including German, Polish, Romanian, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Farsi. Please email your documents to info@cacfti.com for a quote. We look forward to hearing from you!