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FAQ: Do I Translate Full Farsi Birth Certificate for USCIS?

Some individuals who are completing an application for an immigration matter prefer to do so without the assistance of a lawyer. While some people can successfully submit their application, others need advice from an industry thought leader. One step that gets many Iranians into trouble is the way they go about getting certified translations for USCIS. Some Iranians assume that the certified translation of the first page of their birth certificate is sufficient for this purpose. Birth certificates issued in Iran are lengthy. They have several sections including the certificate holder’s personal information, parents’ details, marriage date, and important remarks. Translators who provide professional Persian translation usually do not know what needs to be translated for immigration applications.

They expect the client to supply all the required documents. The tricky thing about Iranian birth certificates is that the first page looks sufficient for immigration purposes. It contains the first name, last name, date of birth, the place of birth, parents’ names, and the photo of the certificate holder. Therefore, it is easy for Iranians to assume that they can translate parts of the birth certificate. While we do not provide legal advice we can tell our clients that based on our experience full birth certificates have to be translated for immigration purposes. We have had individuals contact us and ask whether they can have the first page translated because it contained all of their personal details. However, we have also have clients get in touch and ask us to translate the rest of the pages because the summary or extract got them a request for evidence. The first page is considered a summary or extract, which is not acceptable. If you have had the first page of your Iranian birth certificate translated into English, and you have found out that you need to have the rest of the pages translated, please contact us.

We can translate the remaining text for you. You can also submit full Farsi birth certificates for us if you need us to translate them from scratch. With rich experience in the translation of Farsi language documents, we are here to help you get top quality Persian translation services with excellent customer support. We have translated many birth certificates from Farsi to English. We say with confidence that our professional translations for Farsi are very popular among immigrants. We provide certified translations for USCIS and support many languages including Persian. Please scan/email us your Persian-language documents for a quote. A representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

Translation of Academic Documents from Dutch to English

High school students from the Netherlands who are looking to continue their studies in the United States often learn that they need to provide their academic records to the institutions in which they wish to enroll. They can seek the assistance of a company that collaborates with professional Dutch translators who deliver academic document translation services. Translating high school transcripts is usually a simple task for translators with years of experience. For instance, Dutch translators who have solid experience in the translation of school-related documents usually know the language of high school diplomas very well. They have translated many degrees from various schools in the Netherlands. They can carry out the translation of Dutch-language documents for students without looking up a lot of words.

They have translated documents for high school students as well as international college applicants who need to provide their high school transcripts to U.S. schools. Their knowledge and skill in the field of translation enable them to provide impeccable translations. Translators with vast experience in the industry know the source language and target language very well. They have translated many documents similar to the academic records they receive from their new clients. As a result, they can translate the text efficiently and provide quick turnaround times without any problems. Translators who specialize in Dutch to English translations for documents in the area of education often have translated high school transcripts from institutions in the Netherlands and are ready to serve international students. Whether you are planning to apply to a high school or college in the United States you can rely on us for the certified translation of your academic documents.

CACFTI is a trusted brand in the translation industry. Our translators who specialize in the translation of letters of recommendation, school transcripts, student ID cards, financial statements, and diplomas are ready to assist you. Their goal is to get you top-quality translations that you can submit to American schools. If you attended high school in a foreign country but did not complete a degree, hoping to continue your high school education away from home you have probably learned that you need to have your academic records translated. Please contact us about our professional translation services. We are confident that our expertise in the area of academic document translation services meets you needs. You can email us a copy of your documents for a quote and more information about the translation process.

Translating Farsi Birth Certificate in Los Angeles

Iranians who have moved to Los Angeles and are searching for a company to translate their Farsi-language birth certificate can make a copy of it and send it to us by email for a quote. Translating a personal document issued in Iran is usually a simple task for professional translators. Those who possess extensive experience in Farsi translations are well-qualified to carry out the translation of Iranian documents. Immigrants from Iran who hold a Farsi-language birth certificate can often rely on the expertise of professional Farsi translators. Companies in LA that offer professional Persian translation can serve the needs of the city’s population of Iranians who have Farsi-language documents and have to get them translated into English.

Many Iranians use the certified translation of their personal documents for immigration purposes. Those who are interested in getting a visa for a family member usually have to get several documents translated. Since the birth certificate contains important information such as the holder’s legal name, place of birth, date of birth, parents’ data, etc. it is used in immigration applications. Iranians who have submitted their birth certificate to a company in Los Angeles or anywhere else and hope to have an English translation should make sure that the translators are fluent in both Farsi and English. For immigration matters the translators will have to provide a certification that states they are proficient in both source and target languages and are competent to translate from Farsi to English. Therefore, before the translators get started you can ask them whether they will provide their declaration along with the English translation. Translating a Farsi birth certificate in LA should not be difficult because many firms that offer translation services support Persian.

However, you should make sure that their translations are acceptable for the purpose you have in mind. CACFTI specializes in the translation of various types of documents. We have high standards when it comes to providing professional translation services. We understand that our clients expect accurate and well-written translations of the documents they submit to us. Our translators do their best to keep the translation as faithful to the original text as possible. If you have a birth certificate from Iran or other non-English speaking countries and have decided to have it translated into English, please reach out to us. We can effectively handle the translation of your foreign-language documents. We have translated many Farsi birth certificates for clients in Los Angeles as well as other cities. We look forward to translating your Persian documents.

Translation of Wills and Testaments for Courts

Lawyers who specialize in estate planning and probate in Los Angeles sometimes receive wills and testaments that were written in a foreign language. Such documents have to be translated into English for legal purposes. Lawyers who are going to submit such wills and testaments to a court typically seek certified translations for courts. Lawyers in other cities other than LA also receive documents in a foreign language that they try to get translated before they use them in court. Professionals in the legal industry who have never assisted clients with a foreign-language document usually do not know how to get started. They do not know what information the service provider needs to provide a quote and turnaround. They wonder what they need to do, for example, with handwritten will that is in Romanian. Do they drop it off at the translation office? Do they scan and email it? Probably the only thing they should worry about is getting in touch with a company that focuses on certified translations.

Organizations that have helped many lawyers with the translation of foreign-language documents are good candidates. CACFTI meets the demand of attorneys who receive non-English language documents from their clients. We are thrilled to hear from lawyers and anyone else who has never had a document translated. We have assisted many first timers and have made their experience pleasant. We understand that law firms with any area of practice might need professional translation services. Therefore, we maintain a large database of translators who have experience in various fields.

Law firms that focus on estate planning can take advantage of our translations that are prepared by court approved translators. Our translators who have experience translating documents for courts can handle the translation of your wills and testaments. If you have a will in a foreign language and would like to have it translated into English, please speak with a representative. Getting all the paperwork ready can be challenging and time consuming. We do our best to make this part of the process very simple and efficient for you. Likewise, intellectual property lawyers who are working on a patent infringement case for a company based in a non-English speaking country can get in touch with us about our patent translation services. We can translate many types of documents for courts. We support many languages. To gather more information about our court-certified translations, please visit us online. You can also contact us with questions. We are happy to answer your questions about certified translations for courts. You can email us your legal documents for a quote.

USCIS Certified Translation of Decrees & Birth Certificates

Orders issued by foreign courts are often significant in the immigration process. Birth certificates issued outside of the United States also matter when it comes to filling out a visa application. Another factor that comes into play when immigrants are completing such applications is certified translations for USCIS. They have to be sure to seek the assistance of a professional translator for the translation of their foreign-language documents.

Many applicants try to get their birth certificate or the birth certificate of family members translated. They should get in touch with a company that focuses on the translation of various types of documents. They should also make sure that the firm has extensive experience in certified translations so that they are familiar with the requirements of USCIS. For immigration purposes they must attach the translation of the original document to the certification. A decree is often filled with legal terminology and requires the attention of a translator with expertise in the legal field. It is sometimes used in the immigration process when a parent needs to show that the minor child has the right to move to another country while the other parent stays in the home country. Such documents are critical to the immigration case because they serve as proof of the minor’s permission to move to the United States. Decrees that were prepared in a foreign country in a non-English language can be translated and submitted to immigration authorities. In addition, birth certificates indicate the personal information of the minor and anyone else involved in the case. Professional translators can translate birth certificates and decrees for immigration purposes.

The translators of CACFTI have translated many documents including birth certificates and decrees for immigrants. Our certified translations are completed by professional translators. We attach a copy of the document in the original language to its English translation. We also attach our declaration printed on our official letterhead. Finally, we stamp and seal all the pages so the package is ready for your submission. If you are currently working on a visa application and know that eventually you will have to present your foreign-language documents with their English translations, we suggest that you contact us. We have delivered certified translations for USCIS numerous times so we are in a great position to translate your documents for immigration. All you have to do to get a quote for document translation is scan and email us all the pages you have.