FAQ: Do I Translate Full Farsi Birth Certificate for USCIS?

Some individuals who are completing an application for an immigration matter prefer to do so without the assistance of a lawyer. While some people can successfully submit their application, others need advice from an industry thought leader. One step that gets many Iranians into trouble is the way they go about getting certified translations for USCIS. Some Iranians assume that the certified translation of the first page of their birth certificate is sufficient for this purpose. Birth certificates issued in Iran are lengthy. They have several sections including the certificate holder’s personal information, parents’ details, marriage date, and important remarks. Translators who provide professional Persian translation usually do not know what needs to be translated for immigration applications.

They expect the client to supply all the required documents. The tricky thing about Iranian birth certificates is that the first page looks sufficient for immigration purposes. It contains the first name, last name, date of birth, the place of birth, parents’ names, and the photo of the certificate holder. Therefore, it is easy for Iranians to assume that they can translate parts of the birth certificate. While we do not provide legal advice we can tell our clients that based on our experience full birth certificates have to be translated for immigration purposes. We have had individuals contact us and ask whether they can have the first page translated because it contained all of their personal details. However, we have also have clients get in touch and ask us to translate the rest of the pages because the summary or extract got them a request for evidence. The first page is considered a summary or extract, which is not acceptable. If you have had the first page of your Iranian birth certificate translated into English, and you have found out that you need to have the rest of the pages translated, please contact us.

We can translate the remaining text for you. You can also submit full Farsi birth certificates for us if you need us to translate them from scratch. With rich experience in the translation of Farsi language documents, we are here to help you get top quality Persian translation services with excellent customer support. We have translated many birth certificates from Farsi to English. We say with confidence that our professional translations for Farsi are very popular among immigrants. We provide certified translations for USCIS and support many languages including Persian. Please scan/email us your Persian-language documents for a quote. A representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

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