Translation of Contracts for Los Angeles Courts

As you might know, contracts are viewed as important legal documents. Agreements that have all five elements of a contract are legally binding and can be enforced in courts. Some people wonder whether a foreign-language contract can be used in Los Angeles courts. The purpose of court-certified translations is to enable parties to present their non-English language agreements in courts. Binding agreements between parties in the United States are not necessarily drafted in English. One party might not understand English perfectly and prefer to have the document in a foreign language. The other party might be bilingual and write the agreement in a foreign language. When disputes arise the parties can try to resolve them with the assistance of a mediator. Some disagreements are simply resolved through arbitration and mediation.

Translators sometimes attend mediation sessions to facilitate communication among parties who have signed a contract and now cannot agree on matters related to the terms of the agreement. They translate for the mediator who does not speak the parties’ first language. If mediation fails the parties can seek legal remedy through the court system. The contract that will be presented in court must be in English or accompanied by the certified English translation. Companies that specialize in certified document translations can usually translate documents that you are planning to take to court. We are experienced in the field of legal translation and are aware that courts in California require certified translations of foreign-language documents as well as the translator’s declaration. Individuals who hope to use a contract written in a foreign language to an American court are welcome to contact us regarding our certified translations for courts.

CACFTI has translated many legal documents. Our translators who focus on the translation of legal terminology and are committed to delivering high-quality translations are interested in translating your contracts. They understand the crucial role translations play in the outcome of legal cases. They do their best to use the right words and capture the true meaning of the original text. We have translated many documents for law firms and the legal department of other organizations. We are devoted to exceeding our clients’ expectations. We provide an excellent solution for anyone who needs court-certified translations. Our translators who are approved to translate documents for courts are ready to assist you. Please email us your contracts and/or other documents for a quote. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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