How Do I Get a Certified Translation in Los Angeles

Have you recently moved to LA? Have you been living in this city for a long time, but it is your first time looking for professional translation services? You might have recently learned that you need a certified translation and have questions about what a certified translation is or how you can get a document translated and certified. You have found the right company to take care of your translation needs. We have rich experience in the translation of various types of documents for residents of Los Angeles, neighboring cities, other states, and foreign countries. In order to receive a translation with the translator’s certification in this area you can follow these steps:

-Find a translation company that offers certified translations
-State whether you want the certified translation to be notarized
-Provide information about the purpose of the translation or who the audience is
-If you have the hard copy prepare a digital version that you can attach and send in an email
-Send the file(s) to the email found on their website
-If you have a preferred method of payment ask the firm about their payment options
-Ask how quickly the translation will be ready. Individuals who expect rush service should provide the exact deadline so that the translation service provider can
-Place your order
-Be ready to provide a mailing address. If you need the translated documents to go directly to a third party rather than your place of residence, please supply the correct address. Translation companies generally have no way of verifying recipients’ mailing addresses
-Determine how many copies you need. If you would like to have a copy for your files and another one for a third party mention that when you place your order

CACFTI invites you to email your documents for a quote. We have translated legal, medical, technical, and academic documents for clients throughout the country. We have also translated documents for clients abroad. We are confident that we can satisfy your needs if you are searching for a reliable company to carry out the translation of a document. You can visit our website to learn more about our professional translation services. When you reach out to us, please let us know that you are looking for certified translations. You should also indicate whether the translation will be used for immigration purposes or not. We look forward to discussing your projects with you. Please contact us for more information about getting certified translations in the city of Los Angeles.

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