Translation of Academic Documents from Dutch to English

High school students from the Netherlands who are looking to continue their studies in the United States often learn that they need to provide their academic records to the institutions in which they wish to enroll. They can seek the assistance of a company that collaborates with professional Dutch translators who deliver academic document translation services. Translating high school transcripts is usually a simple task for translators with years of experience. For instance, Dutch translators who have solid experience in the translation of school-related documents usually know the language of high school diplomas very well. They have translated many degrees from various schools in the Netherlands. They can carry out the translation of Dutch-language documents for students without looking up a lot of words.

They have translated documents for high school students as well as international college applicants who need to provide their high school transcripts to U.S. schools. Their knowledge and skill in the field of translation enable them to provide impeccable translations. Translators with vast experience in the industry know the source language and target language very well. They have translated many documents similar to the academic records they receive from their new clients. As a result, they can translate the text efficiently and provide quick turnaround times without any problems. Translators who specialize in Dutch to English translations for documents in the area of education often have translated high school transcripts from institutions in the Netherlands and are ready to serve international students. Whether you are planning to apply to a high school or college in the United States you can rely on us for the certified translation of your academic documents.

CACFTI is a trusted brand in the translation industry. Our translators who specialize in the translation of letters of recommendation, school transcripts, student ID cards, financial statements, and diplomas are ready to assist you. Their goal is to get you top-quality translations that you can submit to American schools. If you attended high school in a foreign country but did not complete a degree, hoping to continue your high school education away from home you have probably learned that you need to have your academic records translated. Please contact us about our professional translation services. We are confident that our expertise in the area of academic document translation services meets you needs. You can email us a copy of your documents for a quote and more information about the translation process.

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