Translating Farsi Birth Certificate in Los Angeles

Iranians who have moved to Los Angeles and are searching for a company to translate their Farsi-language birth certificate can make a copy of it and send it to us by email for a quote. Translating a personal document issued in Iran is usually a simple task for professional translators. Those who possess extensive experience in Farsi translations are well-qualified to carry out the translation of Iranian documents. Immigrants from Iran who hold a Farsi-language birth certificate can often rely on the expertise of professional Farsi translators. Companies in LA that offer professional Persian translation can serve the needs of the city’s population of Iranians who have Farsi-language documents and have to get them translated into English.

Many Iranians use the certified translation of their personal documents for immigration purposes. Those who are interested in getting a visa for a family member usually have to get several documents translated. Since the birth certificate contains important information such as the holder’s legal name, place of birth, date of birth, parents’ data, etc. it is used in immigration applications. Iranians who have submitted their birth certificate to a company in Los Angeles or anywhere else and hope to have an English translation should make sure that the translators are fluent in both Farsi and English. For immigration matters the translators will have to provide a certification that states they are proficient in both source and target languages and are competent to translate from Farsi to English. Therefore, before the translators get started you can ask them whether they will provide their declaration along with the English translation. Translating a Farsi birth certificate in LA should not be difficult because many firms that offer translation services support Persian.

However, you should make sure that their translations are acceptable for the purpose you have in mind. CACFTI specializes in the translation of various types of documents. We have high standards when it comes to providing professional translation services. We understand that our clients expect accurate and well-written translations of the documents they submit to us. Our translators do their best to keep the translation as faithful to the original text as possible. If you have a birth certificate from Iran or other non-English speaking countries and have decided to have it translated into English, please reach out to us. We can effectively handle the translation of your foreign-language documents. We have translated many Farsi birth certificates for clients in Los Angeles as well as other cities. We look forward to translating your Persian documents.

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