Translation of Wills and Testaments for Courts

Lawyers who specialize in estate planning and probate in Los Angeles sometimes receive wills and testaments that were written in a foreign language. Such documents have to be translated into English for legal purposes. Lawyers who are going to submit such wills and testaments to a court typically seek certified translations for courts. Lawyers in other cities other than LA also receive documents in a foreign language that they try to get translated before they use them in court. Professionals in the legal industry who have never assisted clients with a foreign-language document usually do not know how to get started. They do not know what information the service provider needs to provide a quote and turnaround. They wonder what they need to do, for example, with handwritten will that is in Romanian. Do they drop it off at the translation office? Do they scan and email it? Probably the only thing they should worry about is getting in touch with a company that focuses on certified translations.

Organizations that have helped many lawyers with the translation of foreign-language documents are good candidates. CACFTI meets the demand of attorneys who receive non-English language documents from their clients. We are thrilled to hear from lawyers and anyone else who has never had a document translated. We have assisted many first timers and have made their experience pleasant. We understand that law firms with any area of practice might need professional translation services. Therefore, we maintain a large database of translators who have experience in various fields.

Law firms that focus on estate planning can take advantage of our translations that are prepared by court approved translators. Our translators who have experience translating documents for courts can handle the translation of your wills and testaments. If you have a will in a foreign language and would like to have it translated into English, please speak with a representative. Getting all the paperwork ready can be challenging and time consuming. We do our best to make this part of the process very simple and efficient for you. Likewise, intellectual property lawyers who are working on a patent infringement case for a company based in a non-English speaking country can get in touch with us about our patent translation services. We can translate many types of documents for courts. We support many languages. To gather more information about our court-certified translations, please visit us online. You can also contact us with questions. We are happy to answer your questions about certified translations for courts. You can email us your legal documents for a quote.

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